MX Access Treat with confidence: Detailed patient records from the largest nonprofit network in California


You cannot provide effective care for patients with just the data in your patients’ medical records. You need to know who their entire care team is. You need to know what medications they are taking. You need to know when your patients are being discharged from the hospital and find a way to lend them a helping hand.

How it Works

MX Access gives you longitudinal health records for your patients including recent encounters, a list of all your patients’ providers, and lab results from recent doctor visits. Information can be reviewed via the MX portal or securely integrated directly into your organization’s electronic health records, population health management platform or care coordination systems.


Why it Works

Avoid duplicate tests and procedures

You can access your patients’ most recent lab test results and radiology reports, avoiding the need for expensive and time-consuming repeat tests.

Improve patient flow

Emergency Department physicians and hospitalists can make quicker and better-informed decisions, improving patient flow where services often back up: in emergency departments and at discharge.


Learn how MX helps health plans reduce chart chasing by using MX Access.

Reduce the risk of dangerous drug interactions

Clinicians can order medications with a list of the drugs a patient has been prescribed and has filled, and understand what allergies the patient may have. 

Know the health of new patients

You can rapidly assess the health of new enrollees or attributed patients and reach out promptly to provide the care and help they need.


Learn how health plans can reduce chart chasing by 54 percent with MX Access.

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