MX Analyze Manage proactively using our data services and reports for population health programs and transitions of care


MX Analyze brings together curated clinical data, claims, and publicly available social determinants of health data to help you quickly and confidently target support to patients who need it most.

Healthcare of the future is about anticipating and responding to patient needs before patients even show up in your office or hospital. That means you need tools to assess the health, care gaps and risk trends of your entire patient population. You need actionable insights.

We developed reports and data services to help population health managers easily understand and manage the utilization and quality of care for attributed patients using information from across the MX network. MX Analyze includes population health analytics, metrics, and measures.

The Population-Based Data Services & Report 

Health Plan Immunization Report: Provides COVID-19 vaccination status on all members. Enables organizations to easily identify and provide outreach to unvaccinated, high-risk members through use of a COVID-19 Mortality Risk Score.

Bulk Data Download: Provides the complete medical history for patients/members in a CCDA Continuity of Care Document, which includes updated longitudinal health records for each individual. Enables organizations to load MX data into their own system to augment existing population information, fueling more robust population health management, simplifying risk adjustment, and improving quality measurement.

Message Forwarding: Provides real-time patient data via HL7 messages, allowing organizations to ingest clinical data for a defined population into their own technology platform by way of an HL7 interface engine or SFTP site.

CCDA Forwarding: Provides CCDAs from clinical sources, allowing organizations to consume raw CCDAs by way of an SFTP site

The Data

MX Analyze is powered by curated clinical data, claims data, and eligibility files from MX participants.  

Why it Works

Understand more about your patient population and identify your highest risk patients.

Learn how MX Analyze helps healthcare systems improve care for the most vulnerable patients.

Target care management resources to the right patients.

Learn how you can rapidly reach and identify patients at high risk of COVID-19 with MX Analyze

Improve performance in risk-based contracts, and avoid readmission penalties from Medicare