Our Network Collaborating to bring California Healthcare into the digital age

Manifest MedEx is helping bring California healthcare into the digital age, enabling a healthcare system that is patient focused, affordable and high value. It’s a big goal we have: making patient information accessible across the entire state, for every hospital, provider and care manager.

Manifest MedEx facilitates information sharing across 1800+ healthcare organizations including over 130 California hospitals and 16 of the state’s largest health plans including Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross of California, Inland Empire Health Plan, Health Plan of San Joaquin, and Brand New Day.

Manifest MedEx came to life through the vision, investment and collaboration of leading health plans, hospitals, providers and communities across California who understand that their own future success depends on building this common infrastructure.

Health information sharing is a team sport. We collaborate with three regional health information organization (HIO) affiliates, that engage with and support local stakeholders and participants and have an Advisory Committee that provides input on a range of important topics.

HIO Affiliates

Manifest MedEx is proud to collaborate with three top regional HIOs across California — San Joaquin Community, Central Valley and Inland Empire — to continue and expand on their dedicated work enabling local health information sharing. These affiliates help build the MX network by providing front-line support in connecting medical practices and providers and guidance on the future direction of Manifest MedEx to ensure it meets local needs.

If your HIO is interested in teaming up with MX, please contact Erica Galvez to get started.

MX Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee shares information on industry developments, national best practices, and local conditions in California so that we can deliver value and innovate for our network participants. The committee addresses a broad range of policy, product, clinical and technology topics, helping shape the future direction of Manifest MedEx.

The MX Advisory Committee includes MX participants, members of MX affiliate organizations, other non-participant stakeholders, and subject matter experts. Voting members are selected by MX with an emphasis on having a diversity of roles, organizations, geographies and professional backgrounds, as well as relevant experience.

If you’re interested in applying to be part of the MX Advisory Committee, please contact Erica Galvez for more information.