MX Notify Know immediately: Put real-time patient encounter data to work in your organization


MX Notify is a powerful tool that updates clinicians and other care providers moments after their patients are seen in the emergency department or are discharged from a hospital.

How it Works

When a patient checks into or is discharged from one of the 120+ participating California hospitals, MX Notify delivers a real-time notification to providers who are “subscribed” to that patient. The care management team can contact patients post-discharge to improve care coordination and reduce readmissions.

MX's services are free for all ambulatory providers, including primary care, specialists, and clinics. Improve patient care and reduce readmissions by joining a network of more than 800 providers in California today!

Why it Works

If you need to follow-up quickly, receiving real-time event notifications is a much smarter approach than the traditional passive portal. MX Notify helps your organization act fast to improve care coordination, reduce costly readmissions and qualify for payments and incentives.

Improve care coordination

You can contact patients as soon as they are discharged to coordinate follow-up care and appointments.

Earn incentives and qualify for Medicare payments

Millions of dollars of payments and incentives are available for providers and hospitals who perform well on reducing readmissions and providing follow-up care promptly after a hospital stay. MX Notify gives you the information you need to act fast so you can qualify for Medicare transitional care management payments.

Reduce costly readmissions

You can quickly identify patients who need extra help and support, reducing the risk of costly readmissions.

Schedule appointments

MX Notify includes contact information, discharge diagnosis and other key information so you can contact patients and get them in quickly for a post-discharge visit.

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