Manifest MedEx and Anthem Blue Cross Partner to Improve Care Coordination, Streamline In-Patient Utilization Management Review, and Provide a Seamless Member Experience

Health plans increasingly rely on a broad scope of clinical data to help improve care transitions, identify and address gaps in preventive care to improve quality, and provide more seamless and personalized care for their members. Anthem BlueCross (Anthem), California’s second largest health plan serving more than 8 million members, and Manifest MedEx (MX), California’s largest independent nonprofit health data network, joined forces in 2018 to better combine and deliver crucial health information.

Providing a platform for health plans to better enable care providers to access and exchange this clinical data in real-time is at the core of the joint effort between MX and Anthem in California. The two major health care organizations are working to join and analyze patient data for insights that would allow providers, consumers, and health plans to share and integrate data across medical records and systems with the goal of streamlining transactions, improving care, and providing a seamless patient experience.