About We all know healthcare is broken.
We’re here for the hard work of fixing it.

America is spending more and getting less. The average family premium is up 25 percent. Quality of healthcare is not what it should be. Average lifespan has declined two years in a row.

The question is: what can we do about it?

Manifest MedEx is tackling one of healthcare’s hardest and most fundamental problems. A problem that has to be fixed before hospitals, health plans, and physicians can do the hard work to reduce costs, provide a better patient experience, and improve outcomes.

We’ve built a nonprofit utility that gets health information out of silos. Our network provides real-time information on millions of patients across California. We want you to access medical information the same way you get electricity, internet, and gas. We give you real-time, comprehensive health information. You put it to work to a make healthcare better.

We are a mission-focused team who knows how to make lasting change in healthcare. We’re from startups, major health technology companies, government, and academics. We’ve worked at the White House, Castlight, McKesson, Aledade, Healthagen, Medicity, RelayHealth, DaVita, and Cerner. We have over 1800+ participating healthcare organizations and the support of 17 health plans in California.

We want every ACO, hospital and medical group to have industrial-strength patient information. We want every patient encounter with an emergency department to be noticed. We want the sickest patients, the five percent who add up to 80 percent of costs, to get support to live healthier lives. We think you want this, too.

Fast facts about MX:

  • California’s largest nonprofit health information network
  • Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO), designated by the California Health and Human Services’ Center for Data Insights and Innovation
  • 38 million records, clinical and claims data
  • Results from LabCorp, Quest, Radnet
  • NCQA Validated data streams since 2020
  • HITRUST CSF® Certified since 2019
  • Four valuable services
    • MX Notify - customizable, real-time event notifications
    • MX Access - longitudinal health records for individual patients available at the point of care.
    • MX Analyze – analytic tools to support population health management
    • MX Data - data (APIs, HL7 feeds) that you can pipe to the platforms and tools you already use