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Using MX’s tools, providers can save time, improve finances, succeed in risk-based contracts, and give patients the best care possible

Save time for clinicians and front office staff

Save time wasted chasing updates from specialists, calling hospitals to get discharge information, and answering health plan requests.

Join MX to get real-time hospital event notifications from 125 California hospitals. Follow-up right away – without spending time on faxes and calls.

With MX, you get all the information you need in once place to help you streamline virtual care processes and enroll patients in care management programs with easy to use risk scores.

Ambulatory providers and medical groups can be up and running with MX services in less than 30 days.

Succeed in ACOs and other value-based care arrangements

Your value-based care program can’t succeed without fast, reliable and quality access to data. Eight out of ten ACOs cite integrating data from out-of-network providers as their top technology challenge. And, half of ACOs have not been able to access behavioral health data or integrate with post-acute care and hospice facilities. Despite not having access to crucial data, 85 percent of ACOs have already invested in advanced analytics software.

Use Manifest MedEx to access the data your ACO needs to effectively manage patient risk and succeed in ACOs and other risk arrangements. 

Access to data is proven to drive better results. One ACO saw a 9.6 percent increase in compliance over all reported ACO metrics through access to better data.

Learn more about how ACOs have utilized MX tools to reduce readmissions and improve patient outcomes:

Help practices improve their finances

Ambulatory providers can join MX and use our comprehensive tools to reduce patient-related costs, while enhancing patient care.

By receiving real-time alerts when your patients are discharged, providers can earn health plan and IPA incentives and qualify for Medicare transitional management (TCM) payments.

Providers can streamline HCC/RAF follow-up with a complete list of diagnoses and improve data accuracy to increase RAF scores.

By simply participating in MX with the new HIE Bi-Directional Exchange measure, practices can receive 40 points on MIPS quality scores.

Learn how providers improve patient care, reduce readmissions, and improve quality scores with MX:

Get easy access to the insights you need to take care of your patients

MX Access combines clinical and claims data to give providers a full picture of patient medical history, so you can make the best decisions about patient care.

More than 800 providers across California use MX’s services for easy access to CURES records, discharge summaries, filling of medications, test results (including Covid-19), and the most up-to-date contact information for patients.

Learn how you can rapidly reach and identify patients at high risk of COVID-19 by using MX tools:

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