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MX can help you manage transitions of care and patient risk – two essential requirements to succeed in value-based care and ACOs.

Manage transitions of care

Feeling frustrated with limited communication around patient transitions? Fewer than half of primary care physicians say they receive the patient discharge information they need from hospitalists. Only 12 percent to 34 percent of discharge summaries reach aftercare providers by the time of the first post-hospitalization appointment, and most of those that do arrive contain inaccuracies.  That leaves primary care providers unaware of 60 percent of pending test results returning after discharge, of which nearly 40 percent are considered actionable.

Don’t wait for delayed and incomplete data to be sent. Get it in real-time from the Manifest MedEx network. Be notified whenever a patient is admitted or discharged from hospitals across California. Physicians and care managers can access longitudinal health records on patients – including provider contact information, medication lists and labs.

The faster you learn about patient discharge the faster you can follow-up, helping you qualify for Medicare transitional care management payments. Post-discharge follow-up has been shown to create a savings of $4,845 per patient.

Succeed in ACOs and other value-based care arrangements

Your value-based care program can’t succeed without fast, reliable and quality access to data. Eight out of ten ACOs cite integrating data from out-of-network providers as their top technology challenge. And, half of ACOs have not been able to access behavioral health data or integrate with post-acute care and hospice facilities. Despite not having access to crucial data, 85 percent of ACOs have already invested in advanced analytics software.

Use Manifest MedEx to access the data your ACO needs to effectively manage patient risk and succeed in ACOs and other risk arrangements. 

Access to data is proven to drive better results. One ACO saw a 9.6 percent increase in compliance over all reported ACO metrics through access to better data.

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