Choice Medical Group Leverages Longitudinal Patient Records from Manifest MedEx to Succeed Under Full-Risk Value-Based Care Model

Founded more than 30 years ago, Choice Medical Group (CMG) is a primary care and multi-specialty medical group and independent practice association (IPA) serving the High Desert community in San Bernardino County. The group is comprised of more than 200 physicians, four inclusive facilities, and 12 local urgent care facilities.

Operating on an employed model with practices they own as well as the IPA model, CMG is passionate about keeping patients healthy and improving the efficiency of the overall healthcare delivery system in the High Desert area. While CMG manages the instance of Allscripts for its owned and IPA practices, the group recognized the need for more clinical and claims data beyond its EHR to truly achieve its mission to “deliver superior medical services, ensuring health and quality of life, to the people within its communities.”

As a full-risk medical group, access to health information is critical to streamlining inpatient and outpatient case management, managing costs, reducing readmissions, and ensuring better outcomes.