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We’re unlocking information from its silos so your organization can put it to work to improve healthcare. Manifest MedEx—a nonprofit health network serving all of California— is helping California health leaders reach their goals of improving outcomes and reducing costs.


Take advantage of funding to meet the new CMS ADT event notification requirements. Reduce emergency department congestion. Know the health of new and referred patients. Predict and manage population risk. Improve patient retention within networks. Improve care coordination across care settings.


Save time for clinicians and front office staff. Improve finances. Succeed in risk-based contracts. Give patients the best care possible with real-time alerts and easy access to their medical history.

Health Plans

Get details to identify and resolve care gaps. Deliver informed care coordination to high risk patients. Know the health history of new members. Reduce the data hunt burden for HEDIS® and risk adjustment with our NCQA validated data. Accelerate your analytics offerings. Improve member experience.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

New federal regulations will accelerate health information sharing in California and across the country and create new requirements health plans and providers will need to meet. Luckily state funding will be available to help.

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Earn incentives for participating in MX. We work closely with our partners as well as state and federal regulators to find ways to offer performance incentives and other bonus programs for your health data connectivity.

Featured participant

How do you manage risk across 65 different ACO participants, each using different electronic health record and care coordination systems? Contact us to see how this MX participant sends out daily action lists for a population of 16,000 patients to enable proactive care to the neediest patients.

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Join more than 1800+ California healthcare organizations, including over 125 hospitals, ten health plans and results from LabCorp, Quest, and Radnet.

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