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As the largest nonprofit health data network in California, Manifest MedEx (MX) is an integral part of the state’s health data infrastructure, combining and delivering crucial health information for more than 32 million Californians across every county throughout the state.


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MX is taking bold steps toward healthcare transformation, working with partners on the local and state level to address health equity challenges, support population health management initiatives, and achieve CalAIM and Data Exchange Framework (DxF) goals to improve efficiency and patient outcomes and enable whole person care.

Health Plans

Participate alongside California’s leading health plans in using data to care for millions of members. With the MX network, health plans can improve efficiency and member experience with faster, more informed care coordination, identify and resolve care gaps, manage population health, and streamline HEDIS reporting with NCQA-validated data.


Join more than 125 participating California hospitals on the network today. With immediate access to real-time notifications, longitudinal health records, and valuable insights on usage and leakage patterns, MX helps hospitals reduce readmissions, improve care coordination, efficiently manage networks, and easily meet new CMS ADT requirements.


Succeed in value-based care with a powerful data connection across the state. Longitudinal and real-time MX data delivered straight to more than 1,800 ambulatory providers helps clinicians save time, succeed in risk-based contracts, and provide coordinated, person-centered care to patients.

Counties and Public Health

Achieve whole person care and community health goals with MX’s real-time alerts, longitudinal patient records including SDOH data, and comprehensive analytics that can be used to identify and target high risk populations so that those most vulnerable get the care they need, when they need it.

Why Manifest MedEx?

We go beyond just the delivery of reliable and accurate health data to ensure that the information is ready to bring value to your clinicians and patients. Explore the suite of MX solutions available to every participant, which includes direct data feeds and access to our applications.

MX Notify

Receive real-time hospital admit, discharge, and transfer (ADT) information on your patients when they need help the most. Through flexible integrations with more than 70+ EMR and other technology systems, MX Notify conveniently brings one of the most powerful health data tools to your teams.


Explore MX Notify

MX Access

View detailed longitudinal health records for your patients, including recent encounters, allergies, medications, lab results, vaccination status, COVID status, and others — all from the largest health data network in California.


Explore MX Access

MX Analyze

Utilize powerful public health and population risk management tools that turn MX data into actionable insights. Easy-to-use analytics help you to understand more about your patient population, identify your highest risk segments to target for interventions, and succeed in risk-based contracts.


Explore MX Analyze

News and Case Studies

Data Sharing Can Reverse a Health Crisis

A deeper look at the congenital syphilis situation in San Bernardino County Congenital syphilis (CS), a preventable and potentially devastating disease passed during pregnancy, is increasing at an alarming pace in California and nationwide. If a pregnant mother diagnosed with syphilis does not receive timely treatment, the impact of CS on the baby can be severe, ranging…

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Op-Ed: Health Equity for Patients Starts With Digital Equity for Providers

California has made progress building health data networks across the state for years now — data systems that securely deliver information on your medications, health history, and hospitalizations in real time between your different healthcare providers (imagine never having to fill out that clipboard before your medical appointment again!). While those technology systems are significantly…

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Industry Voices—How One Community Health Plan Increased COVID Vaccinations by 40% Using HIE Data

The development of safe, effective, lifesaving vaccines is complex scientific work. But the job does not end there. As we’ve seen with COVID-19—and now with monkeypox, polio, measles and other serious public health issues—there is also a science to the process of connecting with the community and getting the vaccines actually administered. Aggregating health data…

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Congenital Syphilis, Although 100% Preventable, Is a Health Crisis

The U.S. is currently facing a public health crisis — one that is on the rise at an alarming rate, has devastating consequences, and is 100% preventable. And that’s congenital syphilis (CS). Mothers with syphilis can transmit it to their babies during pregnancy or at birth. Approximately 40% of babies born to patients with untreated…

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Remembering That Interoperability Policy Is Still Personal

As we work to advance interoperability and data sharing across the nation, we should remember that our ultimate goal is to help people live healthier lives This has been another important year in the work of building health data networks in the U.S. as the urgency of the pandemic has carried us more swiftly to…

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Central Neighborhood Health Foundation Uses Manifest MedEx To Improve Post Discharge Follow-Up and Care for Underserved Communities

Central Neighborhood Health Foundation (CNHF) is a network of Medicare-certified, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) that provide care in medically underserved areas (MUAs) in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire. The mission of CNHF is to minimize disparities in healthcare access and outcomes by providing superior-quality, patient-centered healthcare through an integrated delivery system for…

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Manifest MedEx Helps Family Practice Access Patient Medical Records in Real-Time and Ensure Timely Follow-Up

San Bernardino Physicians Associates is one of many family-owned clinics that make up the Clinica Medica Familiar organization. Clinica Medica Familiar is based in the Inland Empire and was formed to provide quality, comprehensive medical care, with bilingual personnel, in a warm, caring environment at all locations. The provider staff at San Bernardino Physicians Associates…

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2022 Summit Recap – “Evolution California: Accelerating Health Data Reform from First Mile to Last Mile”

On September 29 – September 30, 2022, Manifest MedEx convened its inaugural health data policy-focused summit, “Evolution California: Accelerating Health Data Reform from First Mile to Last Mile!” The event was held at Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture located on the waterfront of San Francisco, CA. Policy experts, health care leaders, and other community…

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Manifest MedEx’s November Webinar – Achieving CA’s Public Health Goals with Collaborative Health Data Sharing

Save the date for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, November 9 from 12 pm – 1 pm PT. California is currently facing a public health crisis around congenital syphilis (CS).  In 2020, California had the sixth highest rate of CS, with a case rate nearly double that of the national case rate. Health Information Organizations…

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Manifest MedEx’s December Webinar – Overview: Understanding the Data Exchange Framework and Data Sharing Agreement Requirements under AB133

Save the date for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, December 1 from 12 pm – 12:45 pm PT. Most healthcare entities will be required under AB133 legislation to share health data with each other by 2024 through the CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF). The DxF comprises a single Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and a common…

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Join more than 1800+ California healthcare organizations, including over 125 hospitals, 13 health plans, and results from LabCorp, Quest, and Radnet.

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