MX Resource Library


Here are the documents you will need to get started:

  • Authorized User Confidentiality Agreement: PDF
  • Participant Policies and Procedures: PDF
  • Business Associate Agreement: PDF
  • MX Ambulatory Site and Provider Details: Excel
  • MX Code of Conduct: PDF
  • Instructions for Ambulatory Contracting Packet: PDF
  • Letter of Interest (LOI) Template to participate in Cal-HOP Program: Word
  • Patient Panel Template: Excel
  • Opt-Out Resources for Participants: Click here

Patient Resources:

MX Access

Brochure: PDF Brochure of MX Access

Product Release Notes

Training Clips

Claims Within patient records

Search for patients

Filter the data source

Navigate through patient records

View and graph lab results

Understanding the icons

View a patient’s summary report

MX Notify

Patient Panel & Quick Start Guide

MX Patient Panel: MX can provide an Excel template you can complete to list the patients you want to be notified about.

What is the Patient Panel?: This video explains what the Patient Panel is, and why you need it.

Quickstart Guide: Introductory overview to explain how to use MX Notify.

Training Clips

View notifications and navigate through the portal

Change status of notification for follow-up purposes

Search for patients

Apply and create custom filters

Download Notifications to your computer

Changing password and signing out

MX Admin Training Clips

Creating user accounts

Managing user accounts

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