california adt network Meet your Notification of ADT Events Requirement under the Data Exchange Framework (DxF) – at no cost

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The California ADT Network, launched in January 2024, is a free and secure acute and post-acute event notification exchange service that enables eligible California hospitals, health systems, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and QHIOs participating in the DxF to securely send and receive admission, discharge, and transfer notifications (ADTs). 

California needs and deserves a digital health data safety net to advance health equity – and it starts by ensuring every provider – regardless of size, resource, or geography – gets the ADTs they need to care for their patients and communities.   

Our goal is to help get more ADTs to the proper care teams and reduce the burden for organizations to meet their DxF requirements in alignment with California public health, CalAIM, and health equity priorities.

Sign up today to meet your DxF requirements and help get ADTs to the right care teams for free! 

Meet DxF Notification of ADT Event requirement by sending a single ADT feed

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Close health equity gaps by getting ADTs to providers - everywhere

No requirement to be a current MX participant or join our broader network


  1. Organizations must sign the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and a California ADT Network agreement.
  2. Organizations then send a single ADT data feed to the California ADT Network and patient panels for which they would like alerts, if any.
  3. The California ADT Network matches these ADTs against all the patient panels submitted from other participating organizations and routes any matched ADTs to the organization that owns that panel.
  4. The organization that receives the matched ADT delivers it to the appropriate care team, usually within its facilities/sites or network (i.e., for QHIOs).


California ADT Network vs MX Notify

The California ADT Network is limited to DSA Signatories and requires data sharing reciprocity, i.e., only organizations that contribute ADTs to the service may submit patient panels to receive ADTs from the service.  

Organizations that would like to receive ADT notifications but cannot submit an ADT feed or do not meet other requirements can join the broader Manifest MedEx network and use MX Notify, our premier ADT notification service that offers more robust and customizable alerts.  

Learn more about how the California ADT Network and MX Notify differ. 


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