For Hospitals Putting the MX network to work for California hospitals

MX information can help you easily meet the new CMS ADT requirements and solve difficult problems such as reducing readmissions, managing your network, and improving care coordination.

Managing your network

More than half of hospital revenue, a staggering 55 percent to 66 percent, is lost to leakage. With one-in-three patients never following through on referrals, a single hospital with 100 affiliated providers is estimated to be losing $78 million to $97 million every year to patient leakage. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Manifest MedEx gives your hospital visibility into patient activity outside your network. Use longitudinal and real-time data from across California to analyze usage and leakage patterns and pinpoint drivers. Identify admitted patients who are likely to be seen outside your network. Follow-up on patient referrals and improve care coordination. Recover millions in lost revenue by accessing data to help understand your patient leakage patterns.

Improving care coordination

Are your discharged patients able to follow up on the care that's been recommended? Studies indicate 20 percent to 50 percent of patients do not take medications as prescribed. As much as 50 percent of discharge instructions for diet, exercise, medication and follow-up appointments are not understood by patients five days post discharge. The result is higher re-hospitalization rates, and premature death: for example, patients with hypertension who don’t take medications as intended are 5.4 times more likely to die unnecessarily.

Gain visibility into how your discharged patients are following treatment plans using the Manifest MedEx network. Use claims data to see if prescriptions are filled, tests run and whether follow-up visits occurred. Provide care coordinators with longitudinal health records that paint a complete picture of patient follow-up.

Reducing readmissions

A full eight out of ten hospitals will receive readmission penalties this year. That calculates to 225 hospitals in California, costing our state $28 million annually. Yet, many hospitals overlook readmission penalties. If your hospital can’t solve the readmissions challenge, you aren’t ready for value-based care and risk-based contracts.

With the Manifest MedEx network, your hospital has the data to smartly discharge patients, track admission trends and avoid these penalties. MX Notify provides real-time alerts of patient hospitalization to care coordinators so they can promptly follow-up. MX Access provides full medical histories and MX Analyze will provide risk scores for patient hospitalization.

Simple follow-up messages have been shown to reduce readmissions by six percent. Join MX today and save an estimated $230,000/year on these penalties while preparing for value-based care success.

Learn how providers using MX improved patient care and reduced hospitalizations by 50 percent:

Emergency department congestion

Hospital congestion strains your Emergency Departments (ED), adds to overcrowding and wait times, reduces throughput, and creates a negative patient experience. Frequent user patients are responsible for 21 percent to 28 percent of all your hospital’s emergency department visits today but you have no visibility into the services they are receiving outside your system.

Use Manifest MedEx to take action. Proactively identify frequent user patients with chronic health issues across your entire community and more readily identify the patient’s primary care provider so you can help them connect for follow-up. Reduce congestion by not waiting on additional diagnostics. Instead, have your providers access the patient’s previous lab and imaging results via MX to make rapid care decisions. Individual hospitals can save $3.9 million/year in costs by reducing ED congestion according to a study in the
Western Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Learn how MX helps healthcare systems improve care for the most vulnerable patients:

Meet the new CMS ADT event requirements

Effective May 2021, all acute care, psychiatric, and critical access hospitals are required to send event notifications to the patient’s care team when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred to community providers. Hospitals that don’t comply risk losing their ability to receive payments from Medicare and Medicaid.

By simply joining the MX network and setting up one data feed, hospitals will meet the new CMS requirements.

For a limited time, MX is offering financial incentives to qualified hospitals that sign up and complete their data feeds quickly.

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