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Why do hospitals use our data?

Manifest MedEx is California's most connected health information network, exchanging data with national and regional networks for 38 million Californians in or near real-time. Manifest MedEx’s three core services, MX Notify, MX Access, and MX Analyze, facilitate information sharing for more than 130 California hospitals.

With the Manifest MedEx network, your hospital can:

  • Coordinate post-discharge care to reduce readmissions with real-time ADT (admission, discharge, transfer) notifications using MX Notify
  • Streamline ED throughput with easy to access longitudinal records
  • Optimize care with patients’ medical histories, including prescriptions and lab results
  • Meet Data Exchange Framework (DxF) data sharing requirements by joining our QHIO to support all required transaction patterns or participate in the California ADT Network, a first-of-its-kind, no-cost service that enables the secure bi-directional exchange of basic ADT alerts between DxF participants.

Meet the new CMS ADT event requirements

Acute care, psychiatric, and critical access hospitals are required to send electronic notifications to the patient’s care team when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred.

By joining the MX network and setting up one data feed, your hospital can meet these CMS requirements quickly with minimal cost.

Improving Patient Outcomes with Adventist Health

Adventist Health joined Manifest MedEx to pursue its goals of rapid healthcare transformation and population health management. The addition of the faith-based nonprofit connected 21 hospitals and roughly 7 million patients to the MX network.

Delivering care to mostly small and rural California residents, Adventist Health serves a significant population of underserved and high-risk patients. By participating in Manifest MedEx, Adventist Health is able to efficiently collaborate with hospitals to improve patient care.

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“By joining Manifest MedEx, we are building our toolkit for serving as a health ally to our communities. Through this partnership, we can better focus attention on the people who need it most, keep them safely home from the hospital, and collaborate to build health and wellbeing for all Californians.”

Bill Wing
Past President, Adventist Health

“I’ve seen MX as a potential gathering place for the variety of partners in our county that provide services to people to help coordination of care so we don’t duplicate efforts.”

Dr. Pamela Yamanishi
Physician Champion, Quality Reimbursement Programs, Riverside University Health System

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