For Health Plans Eliminate waste and focus on healthcare that matters

Get details to identify and resolve care gaps. Deliver informed care coordination to high risk patients. Know the health history of new members. Reduce the data hunt burden for HEDIS and risk adjustment with our NCQA validated data. Accelerate your analytics offerings. Improve member experience.

Faster, more informed care coordination

Outreach to patients post-discharge creates dramatic savings for health plans. Recent studies found that receipt of a post-discharge call reduced 30-day readmission rates by 23 percent. MX Notify lets your care managers and providers know immediately when a patient has been seen in the emergency department or discharged from the hospital, so you can reach out right away. You can receive these alerts in the system you and your providers already use, or on our portal.

Learn how MX helps health plans reduce outbound calls by 15 to 20 percent and save staff time:

Eliminate waste and focus on healthcare that matters

Unnecessary medical tests and procedures contribute to 20 percent of healthcare expenses. Health plans can reduce costs and prevent patients from undergoing unnecessary tests and procedures by ensuring that providers have access to prior results. Manifest MedEx provides instant access to longitudinal health records, including recent lab tests and radiology reports, for millions of patients across California. A year-long study in Memphis, Tennessee found that accessing health information exchange data for fewer than ten percent of emergency department patients created $1.9 million in annual cost savings.

Know the health history of new members

Imagine that when a new member walks in the door you already know what medications they are on, information about recent hospitalizations and whether they have received needed screenings. You will be able to move faster and more effectively to deliver a great customer experience, fill gaps in care and identify high need patients.

Reduce the data hunt burden for HEDIS and risk adjustment

Manifest MedEx is one of only four data aggregators in the country to have NCQA validated data. MX data from approved sources can be used as standard supplemental data for HEDIS®, reducing the time health plans spend on “chart chasing,” so they can devote more time and energy to what matters most – supporting and caring for members.

Learn how health plans can reduce chart chasing by 54 percent with MX:

Support the shift to value-based care

Help your network providers enter into risk-based contracts by supporting providers’ access to the clinical and claims data they need to coordinate care, identify high-risk patients and proactively manage population health.

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