Why MX

You have a job: Making healthcare better.

We have a job: Getting you the information you need.

We know the problems you’re facing. Not being able to control costs for your patients. Crowded emergency departments. Patient leakage. Treatment adherence. Readmission penalties. Daily action lists. The success of your healthcare organization - the jobs of the people working for you and the outcomes of your patients - depends on your ability to solve these very tough issues.


You cannot do any of this effectively with just the information in front of you or in your patients’ medical records. You need to know who their entire care team is. You need to know what medications they are taking. You need to know when your patients are being discharged from the hospital and need a helping hand.

What if you could:

Be notified immediately when one of your patients is admitted or discharged from the hospital.

Give your care coordinators and care managers access to detailed, longitudinal health records including claims, clinical records and lab results.

See the entire medication list when prescribing a new medicine.

Follow-up with a discharged patient before they even arrive home.

Identify and manage high need patients.

Analyze and predict trends in your patient populations.

Manifest MedEx—a nonprofit health information network serving all of California—brings you the data and tools you need to help solve your problems.

Our promise is to bring you information that helps you do the hard work of improving outcomes, providing a better patient experience and reducing costs.

Manifest MedEx works everyday to get you the information you need, in the formats you need, when you need it.
We fight to break down silos. We can’t wait to see the problems you’ll solve.

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