Ambulatory providers



38 million

Longitudinal Patient Records

1.5 million

ADTs per Month

Streamline care coordination

With Manifest MedEx (MX) you can receive real-time alerts when a patient is admitted, discharged, or transferred, so your care coordinators can act quickly.

Notifying your care managers and providers immediately when a patient has been seen in the emergency department or discharged from the hospital can reduce your readmissions dramatically. Simple follow-up messages have been shown to reduce readmissions by six percent.

You can also get all the information you need in one place with our longitudinal records to help you streamline virtual care processes and enroll patients in care management programs with easy-to-use risk scores.

Improve quality outcomes                   and care

With the Manifest MedEx network, your IPA (Independent Physician Association) and medical groups will have the ability to get a comprehensive view of patient histories from across multiple providers and clinical settings.

When a new patient walks in the door you already know what medications they are on, information about recent hospitalizations, and whether they have received needed screenings. This gives providers and care managers a full picture of a patient's medical history, so you can make the best decisions about patient care. In addition, getting access to more data is proven to drive better results.

You can move faster and more effectively to deliver a great customer experience, fill gaps in care and identify high-need patients.

Reduce costs while providing the best care for your patients

Manifest MedEx helps IPAs and medical groups create efficiencies in providing care while reducing costs that can come from patients undergoing unnecessary tests and procedures by ensuring that providers have access to prior results and history.

Here’s how MX can help:

  • Stop unnecessary medical tests and procedures that contribute to 20 percent of healthcare expenses.
  • Reduce the cost and burden of HEDIS reporting and “chart chasing” with MX NCQA validated data
  • Manage population health for at-risk patients and those in need of chronic care management
  • Improve RAF/HCC accuracy to support risk adjustment


Ensuring IPAs and medical groups meet AB 133 data sharing requirements 

California IPAs and medical groups are required to share health information in real-time by 2024.   

Manifest MedEx is a CalHHS Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) and one of the only nonprofit health information organizations (HIOs) in California that regularly aggregates, normalizes, matches, and shares claims, encounters, and clinical data – as required of health plans/IPAs by AB 133.  

By joining Manifest MedEx, physician groups can participate in this exchange and meet their data sharing requirements under AB 133.  

MX can help IPAs and medical groups:   

  • Securely exchange DxF required data,  
  • In nationally adopted technical standards,   
  • With other DSA Signatories,   
  • For required and permitted uses only.   

Questions about AB 133? Read our AB 133 FAQs for ambulatory providers. 

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Manifest MedEx offers tools at a reduced cost for IPAs & Medical Groups

Through the Manifest MedEx (MX) Primary Care Provider (PCP) Recruitment Program, IPAs, and risk-bearing medical groups can receive discounts if their contracted PCPs participate in MX to help increase health data sharing. Greater PCP participation ensures more data sharing and value to practices within the IPA.


For more information on our Primary Care Provider (PCP) Recruitment Program:

“Utilizing alerts from MX, we know exactly when our ACO patients have gone to the ER or been admitted to any hospital in the Inland Empire. Our ACO has seen improved care for patients and reduced healthcare costs. It’s time to connect to health data networks. Stop waiting. Physicians and patients need this data to be put to work.”

Dolores Green
Chief Executive Officer, Inland Empire Foundation for Medical Care

“This is significant for these patient populations not only because the effort to intervene reduces costs, but it also supports the patient’s quality of life. When an elderly patient is hospitalized, their transition back home is often very difficult, and long hospital stays can leave a patient in an even worse condition than when they were admitted ― physically, mentally, and emotionally. By minimizing or eliminating a hospitalization all together, our patients can spend more time either at home or at their facility where they are more comfortable and adjusted to their surroundings, finally bringing dignity to fragility.”

Mary McCormack
Senior Vice President of Business Development, CareConnectMD

“It’s been very powerful for our providers to get these MX Notify alerts. These have
been instrumental in reducing potential readmissions and providing better care for
their patients.”

Thomas Leach
Director for Data & Technology, Advanced Management

Ready to join the MX network?