The Role of Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) Notifications in Improving Care Coordination

How Optum uses ADT notifications to improve Transitions of Care and reduce Emergency Department and inpatient readmissions

Optum, formerly NAMM California, is an independent physician association (IPA) that develops and manages provider networks, representing a network of more than 600 primary care providers and 2,000 specialists in Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.

In August 2022, Optum’s case management team launched a pilot focused on Transitions of Care to improve post discharge follow-up and reduce 30-Day Emergency Department (ED) bounce backs and inpatient readmissions. The goal was to increase the outreach rate to high-risk patients while also reducing readmission rates. To achieve this, Optum joined Manifest MedEx with a goal of reducing the rate of utilization by utilizing MX’s real-time admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notifications and longitudinal patient medical records.

Learn how independent physician associations like Optum can integrate MX tools into their workflow to improve care coordination and reduce ED and inpatient readmissions.