“Overview: Understanding the Data Exchange Framework and Data Sharing Agreement Requirements under AB133” Webinar Recap

Most healthcare entities will be required under AB133 legislation to share health data with each other by 2024 through the CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF). The DxF comprises a single Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and a common set of Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) that will govern the exchange of health and social services information among healthcare entities and government agencies beginning January 31, 2024. The DxF and DSA were developed with input from a broad set of stakeholders including Manifest MedEx.

Health plans and most health care providers in California must sign the DSA on or before January 31, 2023 and begin sharing data with other participants in the following year.

In this webinar learn an overview on the Data Exchange Framework and Data Sharing Agreement – key deadlines and next steps, what we know and don’t know (yet), and the impact on participants in the MX network, as well other health plans, hospitals, providers, and counties across the state.


  • Felix Su, Director of Policy, Manifest MedEx and Member, CalHHS DxF Implementation Advisory Committee
  • Jason Buckner, Chief Information Officer, Manifest MedEx and Member, CalHHS Data Sharing Agreement and Policies & Procedures Subcommittee

The recording is now available here and can be viewed below. Please feel free to share with colleagues who may be interested.

Learn more from the links shared during the presentation:

•    Presentation Slides
•    CalHHS Press Release
•    CalHHS DxF Website
•    Full text of Data Sharing Agreement and initial Policies and Procedures
•    DSA Signing Portal
•    DSA Signing Portal demonstration
•    DxF FAQs
•    DxF Executive Summary
•    DxF Grants Fact Sheet
•    Manifest MedEx – DxF Stakeholder Advisory Group recaps, articles, and other

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