MX Supports Patient Data Access

At Manifest MedEx, our mission is to get health information out of silos. We want providers, hospitals, health plans – and now patients – to be able to access the information they need.

That’s why MX is pleased to now offer patients access to their unified health records.

We all waste precious time compiling our own health records from across multiple providers. Doing this is always a hassle, but it is excruciating when we or our loved ones are sick. Hopefully this new option will make life a little easier.

While MX does not identity proof patients individually or offer a patient portal, patients may request their own health information from MX by following the process outlined below.

For Patients

To request your health information from MX, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download the Manifest MedEx Health Information Request Form
  2. Complete the patient portion of the form
  3. Return the form to one of your providers on the MX network and let them know that you would like to receive your health information from Manifest MedEx
  4. Your provider will complete the provider portion of the form and send it to MX for processing
  5. MX will process forms as soon as they are received and send health information to patients via secure email or postal mail

For Providers

If you are a provider on the MX network and have questions about MX’s patient data access process, please review the FAQs and instructions below or email for help.


Please review the form to be sure the patient information on it is correct, and then complete the provider portion of the form. Follow the instructions on the form on how to submit it to MX securely or see below.