MX Individual Access Services (IAS)

At Manifest MedEx, we believe that patient data belongs to the patient, and patients should have easy and timely electronic access to their health records to support their own health and wellbeing. Having access to health records enables patients to better coordinate care with their providers and health plans and ensure the accuracy of information captured in health records.

Manifest MedEx partners with Selfiie, a first-in-class, secure patient identity verification and electronic records access service, to provide a simple and secure way for patients to download a copy of the health data we have received on them from providers, hospitals, health plans, and other health care organizations that share information for permitted purposes under HIPAA, as required by state or federal law, and as authorized. Selfiie uses CLEAR® to verify your identity and ensure the person requesting access to health information is who they say they are. Be sure to read the Selfiie and CLEAR® privacy policies before you use this service.

To receive your health information from MX, scan the QR Code below with your mobile device to get started. Detailed instructions can be found in our Individual Access User Guide.


Questions? Check out our Individual Access FAQs or contact Selfiie support for issues related to Selfiie like logging in or I.D. verifications.