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September 2023 Edition

Meet your CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF) requirements with Manifest MedEx

To help our provider participants easily meet their data sharing requirements and save time and resources, Manifest MedEx (MX) has made significant investments in enhancing our tools and services, set to launch in early December (see more on training below).

MX is also currently applying to become a designated Qualified Health Information Organization to expand our network and provide you with more data, and we are confident we will meet all QHIO requirements.

For providers who want to use Manifest MedEx to comply with the DxF, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign the CalHHS Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), if your organization has yet to sign. This is a legal agreement between you and other DSA signatories to participate in the DxF and exchange data as required.
  2. Complete the linked form to join MX’s umbrella application for DSA signatory grants on your behalf and return it to your Customer Success Account Manager at Manifest MedEx is applying for DSA grant funding as an umbrella organization to offset the costs of these significant investments. As the largest non-profit health information organization in California, grants like these enable MX to continue to offer our tools and services to ambulatory providers at no cost.
  3. Ensure your CCDA feed to MX is live. Providers are required to share clinical data in USCDI v2 (if currently collected and maintained) for permitted uses through the DxF. Your CCDA feed to MX helps you meet this requirement. Not sure if your feed is live? Contact your MX Customer Success Account Manager or confirm with your EHR vendor that you are exchanging all the data you collect/maintain in the required data standard.

After you complete these steps, Manifest MedEx will ensure your data is made available to other DSA signatories securely and as required for permitted uses only, fulfilling your data sharing requirements. This process includes entering your organization into a DSA signatory directory where MX will be identified as the place from which other DSA signatories can request your data for permitted uses, eliminating your burden to respond directly to requests from thousands of DSA signatories.

To streamline this directory process, MX will add directory entries on behalf of all MX participants, identifying MX as the location for querying their data.
Should you have any questions, or if you DO NOT wish to meet your DxF requirements with Manifest MedEx, please contact your Customer Success Account Manager at by September 29, 2023.


Follow us on LinkedIn @Manifest MedEx, Twitter @ManifestMedEx, and visit our DxF resource center to stay updated on the Data Exchange Framework, Data Sharing Agreement, QHIO Program, Signatory Grants, policy updates, and upcoming events!

Training for MX Access & MX Notify Enhancements
Coming in November!

As announced in our July Newsletter, we are making a series of enhancements to our tools and products that will help our participants comply with the DxF, streamline performance, improve the quality of reporting and user experience, and save participant time. As MX prepares to roll out these enhancements in early December, the Customer Success team will schedule a series of one-hour training sessions and office hours throughout the month of November to provide an introduction to these enhancements and ensure a seamless transition for our participants. Stay tuned for more information, and we look forward to previewing these enhancements soon!

Successful Completion of DHCS ASCMI Pilot Project

In collaboration with San Joaquin County (SJC), Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ), and Health Net, Manifest MedEx was one of three selected participants in DHCS’ Authorization to Share Confidential Medi-Cal Information (ASCMI) Form and consent management service pilot (collectively referred to as the “ASCMI Pilot”) this year.

MX built a consent management portal using the ASCMI form and partnered with Health Net, HPSJ, SJC Department of Behavioral Health Services, and San Joaquin County Whole Person Care to pilot test it. The pilot resulted in robust feedback regarding adjustments needed to the ASCMI form itself to ensure legal compliance and patient comfort using and signing the form.

During MX’s pilot, more than 90% of patients asked to sign the ASCMI form consented to sharing data and nearly half consented to disclosing substance use disorder (SUD) data. MX presented pilot results to the DHCS Steering Committee in August and will be presenting lessons from the project again at an upcoming webinar hosted by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and Connecting for Better Health (C4BH).

Hear from Manifest MedEx’s Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives Leslie Goodyear-Moya; 211 San Diego’s Chief Business Development Officer Camey Christenson, Serving Communities Health Information Organization’s Dan Chavez, and Stewards of Change Institute’s Senior Consultant Kristine McCoy at Blue Path Health’s "Advancing Consent Management in California: ASCMI Pilot Findings and Next Steps” webinar to learn more about the program and how ASCMI can inform broader CalAIM Goals.

Register here to learn more.

News and Events

2023 CHEAC Annual MeetingMark your calendars for October 4th from 10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. to join Mimi Hall, Manifest MedEx's Vice President of Public Policy and Partnerships; Laura Young, Executive Director at San Diego Health Connect; Wayne Enanoria, PhD, Chief Science Officer at the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department; and Dr. Shadi Barfjani, Senior Deputy Director of Public Health Services at San Joaquin County in a discussion titled, "Modernizing Public Health Data Infrastructure for the Future: Lessons Learned from the Field" at CHEAC's annual meeting.

Register here to catch this session and stop by our booth to learn how the exchange of health data can advance robust health data infrastructure, close health equity gaps, and improve patient outcomes.


2023 CAHP Annual Conference

Have you registered for the California Association of Health Plan's 2023 Annual Conference? Manifest MedEx is excited to be a sponsor for this event and encourage you to stop by Booth #101 to connect with our team on how health plans can partner with MX to streamline post-discharge care coordination, reduce readmissions, and improve member outcomes and experience through seamless, secure data sharing.

Register here to learn more!

Network Growth

shutterstock_2276001457 (1)

New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 6 participants:

Mommy and Me Medical Group, Inc. (5 locations)
New Light Medical Group, Inc.

CCDAs from the following 11 participants:

Mommy and Me Medical Group, Inc. (5 locations)
New Light Medical Group, Inc.
Parktree Community Health Center (4 locations)
RPP Family and Elder Care, Inc.

Lab data from the following 23 participants:

Ravindranath V. Shahane, M.D.
Cohen, Musch, Thomas Medical Group
Desert Valley Medical Group, Inc.
East Valley Community Health Center, Inc. (7 locations)
SAC Health System (13 locations)

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