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June 2023 Edition

Webinar Recording Available Now!

Earlier this month, Manifest MedEx convened a panel of national interoperability experts to discuss the concept of a “health data utility” (HDU) that some states are pursuing – one where the infrastructure for sharing health information is seamless, secure, and equitable – like the infrastructure that delivers electricity, water, and gas.

Missed the webinar? Catch up as we discuss the HDU model and the opportunity for California to create a digital health data safety net that can advance HDU infrastructure in our state to serve all providers and all Californians, including the most vulnerable who rely on Medi-Cal, Medicare, and public health support.

The recording is now available here. Please feel free to share with colleagues who may be interested.

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA): Awaiting QHIO Application

This month the CalHHS Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) held two stakeholder committee meetings to provide updates and receive input on:

CDII also briefly reviewed plans to implement its Strategy for Digital Identities—beginning with individuals receiving health and social services across multiple state departments—and an eventual DSA Participant Directory to help Signatories exchange data via their chosen technology or intermediaries.

QHIOs are among the most crucial intermediaries that DSA Signatories will have the option of using to comply with and benefit from the Data Exchange Framework. At the first June stakeholder meeting, CDII acknowledged receipt of numerous public comments on the draft QHIO application. Manifest MedEx urged CDII to reconsider its pending decision on whether to stipulate that QHIOs be nonprofit entities willing and able to serve all mandatory types of DSA Signatories, and to adhere to its proposed requirement for all QHIOs to possess the most rigorous industry-standard security certification. Foregoing these criteria—which are essential to the health data utility model that other states have pursued—risks undermining California’s ability to create a digital health data safety net.

Once CDII posts the final application in the coming weeks, Manifest MedEx is fully prepared to respond and seek QHIO status. Meanwhile, we are available to support DSA Signatories who are eligible to apply for the second round of DSA funding that is expected to open shortly.

Stakeholders at the second June meeting held a deeper discussion on draft P&Ps under consideration, including amendments to the Privacy Standards and Security Safeguards, a new policy on Real-Time Exchange, and a Glossary of Defined Terms that will apply across the entire set of P&Ps.


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Enhanced Care Management (ECM) Eligibility Now in MX Access!

Manifest MedEx is excited to share that we have updated the insurance tab within MX Access to now have the capability to include ECM eligibility data for health plans that send this info to us. Two additional tables have been added to the tab: Active ECM and Historical ECM. The ECM tables will allow you to see if a patient is currently eligible for Enhanced Care Management services (i.e., Active ECM table) or if a patient was previously eligible for ECM (i.e., Historical ECM table) and their assigned ECM provider NPI. This information is intended to help care teams identify ECM eligible patients and get them to the appropriate points of contact for enrollment in ECM to receive better coordinated care and support services.

If you're an interested health plan that would like to start sending ECM eligibility data so that MX can display it within MX Access, please email our Customer Success team at

News and Events

Harnessing ADT Data: Transforming Patient Care and Addressing Social Needs
Basic health information can provide important insight into meeting patients’ social needs, and that can support providers in meeting patients’ needs and keeping them healthier. In fact, some of the simplest data – like notifications associated with admissions, discharges, and transfers (ADT) – can provide important clues about challenges that patients may face in their homes, either on an ongoing basis or post-discharge.Read the full article on how Manifest MedEx utilizes health information to improve healthcare equity and patient outcomes here.
The Civitas Networks for Health 2023 Annual Virtual Pre-Conference Sessions
Mimi Hall, Vice President of Public Policy & Partnerships at Manifest MedEx, joined John Ohanian, Chief Data Officer at the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS), and Director at the Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII); and Kristine Toppe, Assistant Vice President of State Affairs for the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in a discussion on Advancing Health Data Exchange for a "Healthy California for All" highlighting the importance of collaboration between health entities in exchanging health information and its impact on health equity and patient care on both state and federal levels. To access this recorded virtual session, from June15th, register for the conference here!
ICYMI: APG 2023 Annual Spring Conference
Last month, Erica Galvez, CEO, Manifest MedEx joined Karis Grounds, Vice President of Health and Community Impact at 211 San Diego/Community Information Exchange; Timi Leslie, President at BluePath Health and with Connecting for Better Health; Mohit Ghose, State Affairs Director at Elevance Health, and Larry Carlos, Senior Client Executive at Gainwell Technologies in a panel titled, "California’s Data Exchange Framework Mandate: Definition, Infrastructure, and Compliance" at APG's 2023 Annual Spring Conference. They had an enlightening discussion on the Data Exchange Framework, the goals of these frameworks and the status of the DxF in California, and the infrastructure physician groups will need to leverage to comply with DxF requirements. 
ICYMI: WEDI 2023 Spring Conference
WEDI hosted their 2023 Spring Conference where Manifest MedEx’s Mimi Hall discussed how nonprofit health information organizations (HIOs) can serve as health data safety nets, using digital tools to address disparities in health outcomes. Mimi also highlighted how sharing the same “slices” of health data universally helps achieve the Quadruple Aim, advance health equity, and support public health. View the recording at here

Network Growth

shutterstock_2158326931 (1)

New data sources available on MX today:

CCDAs from the following 2 participants:

AHMC Healthcare, Inc.
Damodara Rajasekhar, M.D.

Lab data from the following 25 participants:

Bikramjit S. Ahluwalia, M.D., Inc.
Bolivar Family Medical Clinic (2 locations)
Clinica Medica Centro Hispano
Corona Physicians Associates, A Medical Corporation
County of San Bernardino
Dameron Hospital Association
Diego F. Ferro, M.D., Inc.
Erica Ruiz, M.D.
F. Jimenez Medical Group DBA Upland Medical Center
Holt Medical Corporation
Impact Care Access Network, Inc. (2 locations)
James C. Ho, M.D., Medical Corporation
James S Ruppert, M.D.
Mohinder + Trevinder Ahluwalia
Norton Delgado Family Medicine
Palliative Partners, Inc.
Pediatric Medical Group of Riverside, Inc.
Ravindra Gautam, M.D.
La Paz Family Medical Clinic
RPP Family and Elder Care, Inc.
Southern California GI & Liver Centers
Strategic Wellness, Inc.
Sunmed Health & Weight Management

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