“The Future of Interoperability: Is it the Health Data Utility Model?” Webinar Recap

Earlier this month, Manifest MedEx convened a panel of national interoperability experts to discuss the concept of a “health data utility” (HDU) that some states are pursuing – one where the infrastructure for sharing health information is seamless, secure, and equitable – like the infrastructure that delivers electricity, water, and gas

Missed the webinar? Catch up as we discuss the HDU model and the opportunity for California to create a digital health data safety net that can advance an HDU in our state to serve all providers and all Californians, including the most vulnerable who rely on Medi-Cal, Medicare, and public health support.


  • Erica Galvez, Chief Executive Officer, Manifest MedEx (moderator)
  • Bill Howard, Principal, BillHCO, LLC; Board Member, eHealth Exchange
  • Lisa Bari, MBA, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, Civitas Networks for Health
  • Melissa Kotrys, Chief Executive Officer, Contexture and member, Consortium for State and Regional Interoperability

The recording is now available here and can be viewed below. Please feel free to share with colleagues who may be interested.

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