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January 2023 Edition

ICYMI: Webinar Recording Available Now

We are less than a week away from the CalHHS deadline to sign the Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) on or before January 31, 2023.

In this webinar, MX shared an overview of the Data Exchange Framework (DxF) and DSA – key deadlines and next steps, what we know and don’t know (yet), and the impact on participants in the MX network, as well other health plans, hospitals, providers, and counties across the state.

The recording is now available here. Please feel free to share with colleagues who may be interested.

Data Sharing Agreement Draft Policies Discussed and Released for Public Comment

The CalHHS Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) has released four new draft Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) and one modified P&P for the DxF's Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) for public comment. The draft P&Ps include important new requirements for hospitals to proactively send ADT event notifications.

Earlier drafts of these new P&Ps were discussed at the CalHHS DxF Implementation Advisory Committee (IAC) and DSA P&P Subcommittee meetings. Manifest MedEx sits on both committees, and while we are still reviewing the revised draft P&Ps, we are pleased to see CDII incorporate important feedback that we shared. CDII now seeks public input on specific questions as well as the revised draft P&Ps more broadly. Public comments are due by Tuesday, February 14. The template and instructions for submitting comments can be found on CDII’s DxF website.

The most recent IAC meetings also began covering CDII’s proposed approaches to designing and administering the Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) and the DSA Grant Programs. QHIOs are networks that will be designated by the State as having demonstrated their ability to help Participants meet DxF requirements. MX both plans to apply to become a QHIO and supports having rigorous criteria for their selection. The DSA grants are intended to financially assist DSA signatories—such as providers, hospitals, and health plans—to onboard to a QHIO as well as other technical and operational activities to implement the DSA.

With a combination of well-crafted P&Ps, robust QHIO criteria, and thoughtful distribution of grants from the State, MX is confident we are on track to make the goals of the DxF achievable and successful for our network. We encourage our Participants to review and sign the DSA through the CDII portal by January 31st (the statutory deadline for organizations required to sign).

Calling All Data Sharing Agreement Signatories

Have you signed the DSA yet using the new online signing portal? If so, let us know at so we can celebrate this milestone on social media!

Data Exchange Framework Education Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of The CalHHS Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) DxF Educational Initiatives Grants! With this grant funding, these recipients will do important work in informing and training signatories across the state about the DxF in 2023, providing valuable resources for their members. This will help signatories know and understand what will come next with the CalHHS DxF. It’s important to stay updated as the rollout of the DxF continues.

MX Chronic Conditions Risk Report Now Available!

To manage the health of a population and the high costs associated with chronic disease, it is critical to identify individuals with chronic conditions and those at risk for high emergency department (ED) utilization and inpatient (IP) visits so that appropriate education, interventions, and case management can be targeted to reduce unnecessary costs and prevent more serious conditions or outcomes which can result in lower quality of life and higher spending.

With Manifest MedEx’s Chronic Conditions Risk Report, participants can easily identify patients or members with one or more chronic condition, understand their trends and potential risk for ED utilization and IP visits, and target resources to those who may need more intervention and treatment. The report also includes contact information and demographic data, such as primary language and race, that can be used for culturally tailored outreach.

For more information on this report, contact your Customer Success Specialist or email  

MX Welcomes New Participant!

Manifest MedEx is excited to announce our partnership with the Santé Community Physician IPA. With more than 1,500 providers dedicated to exceptional patient care, Santé is the largest physician network servicing Fresno, Madera, and Kings counties. Santé is addressing their need for timely medical data access as they strive for quality patient outcomes. MX will be assisting Santé by providing real-time ADT notifications and medical records for several area hospitals where the IPA currently lacks direct access. MX will also assist the Santé Quality Team by providing much needed HEDIS® data. We are excited about our relationship with Santé Community Physician IPA and what we can accomplish together for California’s Central Valley.

News and Events

ICYMI: Optimizing and Streamlining HEDIS® Reporting With Health Information Exchange DataAs part of its quality improvement efforts, Health Plan of San Joaquin uses HEDIS® to measure performance and gauge quality and effectiveness of care provided to their members. Developed and maintained by NCQA, the performance measures in HEDIS® are related to many public health issues such as cancer, heart disease, smoking, and diabetes.HPSJ uses both NCQA Validated Data and clinical data extracted for HEDIS® reporting from Manifest MedEx. With this combined data, HPSJ identified the following increases vs without data from MX in Reporting Year 2022:

  • 16.5% increase in Comprehensive Diabetes Care (CDC) Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). MX was the second-largest supplier of A1c data after Quest Diagnostics
  • 8.2% increase in administrative rate for Controlling High Blood Pressure (CBP)
  • 4.8% increase in administrative rate for Childhood Immunization Status (CIS)

...and more!

Visit our website to read the full case study.

Advancing Implementation of Health Data Utility Models

Civitas Networks for Health, the Maryland Health Care Commission, and the HDU National Advisory Council collaborated to produce an issue brief about the history, current state, and drivers for the emergence and advancement of health data utilities (HDUs).

As demand for more complete health data and data interoperability accelerates, the landscape of health information exchange (HIE) and health improvement is rapidly evolving in the public and private sectors. Civitas Networks for Health (Civitas) and the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) identified the need to differentiate key aspects of emerging Health Data Utility (HDU) models more clearly. HDUs utilize existing technical and relationship infrastructures within and across states to bring together personally identifiable health data as well as population and public health data more comprehensively. The approach relies on multistakeholder data governance, trust, and advanced technical services.

Read the full issue brief here.

eHealth Exchange, CSRI Announce QHIN Partnership Intentions

As a part of the Consortium for State and Regional Interoperability (CSRI), Manifest MedEx intends to partner with eHealth Exchange, one of the nation’s oldest and largest health information networks, on their anticipated Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) to participate in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s (ONC’s) Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).

Founding CSRI health data networks pursuing the prospective eHealth Exchange QHIN include ContextureCRISPCyncHealth, and Indiana Health Information Exchange.

Read the full press release here.

Public Health Department Aims To Reduce San Bernardino County’s Huge Increase in Syphilis Cases 

Over the last five years, California has seen a dramatic increase in syphilis and congenital syphilis cases.

Between 2017 and 2020, San Bernardino County experienced a 135 percent increase in congenital syphilis and a 54 percent increase in syphilis, prompting an intensive response from the county’s Department of Public Health.

Public Health staff members are using innovative ways to improve the prevention and treatment of syphilis and congenital syphilis in the county and winning an Achievement Award for their efforts from the National Association of Counties (NACo) in 2022.

One method is utilize real-time notifications of patients with syphilis who visit hospitals and emergency departments in the county provided by Manifest MedEx's MX Notify tool. This tool has been successful in improving the coordination of testing and treatment at delivery.

Read the full article here.

Network Growth


New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 19 participants:

Advanced Medical & Kidney Institute
Azim U. Azhand F.A.A.P.
Kay Mukergee M.D.
Progressive OB/Gyn Medical Group, Inc.
San Sebastian Family Medical Group
San Sebastian Family Medical Group
Unicare Community Health Center, Inc. (13 locations)

CCDAs from the following 53 participants:

Advanced Medical & Kidney Institute
Adventist Health System/West
Arthur E. Jimenez, M.D., Inc.
Azim U. Azhand F.A.A.P.
Becker Pediatric Medical Corp.
California Pediatric Care (2 locations)
Chino Hills Pediatrics Inc.
Chino Pediatric Medical Group
Desert Family Practice Associates Medical Group, Inc. (2 locations)
Doctors B. H. S. & F.
Filomena S. Pascual, M.D., Inc.
Hedyeh M. Golshan, M.D. & Associates, Inc.
Infinity Medical Group
Inland Pediatrics, Inc.
Javed Ahmad, A Professional Medical Corporation
Kay Mukergee, M.D.
Livingwater's Medical Clinic, Inc. (2 locations)

Max V. Soliguen, M.D., Inc.
Namita Mohideen, M.D., Inc. (3 locations)
New Hope Medical Group A Professional Corporation
Odochi Nwagwu, M.D. Inc.
Orangecrest Medical Group Inc.
Progressive OB/Gyn Medical Group, Inc.
Redlands Community Hospital (2 locations)
Renato De La Rosa
Rosalie A. De Guzman, M.D., Inc.
Rosemarie Tweed D.O. A.P.C.
San Sebastian Family Medical Group (2 locations)
Southern California Primary Medical, Inc. (2 locations)
Unicare Community Health Center, Inc. (13 locations)
Valley Comprehensive Medical Group
Western Horizon Medical Group
Yangdong He Medical Corporation

Lab data from the following 42 participants:

Clinica Medica Familiar de Montclair
Manikanda Raja, M.D., Corp.
Namita Mohideen, M.D., Inc. (3 locations)
Rancho Family Medical Group
Sante Foundation Medical Group (20 locations)
Sotara Manalo Rico Professional Medical Corporation
Southern California GI & Liver Centers
Unicare Community Health Center, Inc. (13 locations)
William J. Padilla A Medical Corp

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