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February 2024 Edition

ICYMI: DSA Signatories Required to Update the CDII DxF Participant Directory

The Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) has released the Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Participant Directory in the DSA Signing Portal!

Per DxF Policy & Procedure OPP-14, this directory provides information on the method each DxF Participant is using to exchange required health and human services information (HSSI). The representative for a DSA organization who created the organization profile/account in the DSA Signing portal will see a “Participant Directory” button when they login to the DSA Signing Portal with their existing account; they are the only ones who can update the directory on behalf of their organizations.

If you are using Manifest MedEx to meet your data sharing requirements – either as a qualified health information organization (QHIO) or leveraging the new California ADT Network – be sure to select Manifest MedEx in the drop-down menu as your choice to send and receive HSSI, as well as request notifications of ADT events, including if you are only using the California ADT Network to meet the ADT requirement. One of the many benefits of partnering with Manifest MedEx is that we will automatically serve as your intermediary and exchange the required data on your behalf once we are contacted, reducing the burden for DxF participants.

If you haven’t selected Manifest MedEx as your QHIO, it’s not too late! Simply let your Customer Success Account Manager know and complete the Participant Directory accordingly.

Please contact for questions related to this directory, or reach out to your Customer Success Account Manager for more information on how we can support you as your QHIO.


Follow us on LinkedIn @Manifest MedEx, X @ManifestMedEx, and visit our DxF resource center to stay updated on the Data Exchange Framework, Data Sharing Agreement, QHIO Program, Signatory Grants, policy updates, and upcoming events!

Manifest MedEx Launched Improved Individual Access Services (IAS)

At Manifest MedEx, we believe that patient data belongs to the patient, and patients should have easy and timely electronic access to their health records to support their own health and wellbeing. Having access to health records enables patients to better coordinate care with their providers and health plans and ensure the accuracy of information captured in health records.

To achieve this, MX has improved our Individual Access Services (IAS) and has partnered with Selfiie, a secure patient identity verification and electronic records access service, to provide a simple and secure way for patients to download a copy of the health data we have received on them from providers, hospitals, health plans, and other health care organizations that share information for permitted purposes under HIPAA, as required by state or federal law, and as authorized.

Additionally, enabling this functionality is also a requirement for MX as a designated qualified health information organization (QHIO) – one that we enthusiastically support and believe will transform patient-provider interactions, save time, and close heath equity gaps.

Visit our website to learn more!

MX Notify Update

MX Notify users have the option to receive email alerts when a new notification is displayed in the MX Notify Portal. Rather than requesting MX to enable this option for users, MX Admin users can now enable MX Notify email alerts for their organization’s users. If a user is assigned more than one panel, then they will receive an email alert for all notifications created, regardless of for whom the panel is created. To obtain instructions on how to enable email alerts for your users, please reach out to your Customer Success Account Manager.

MX Welcomes New Participants

Manifest MedEx is excited to welcome Chinese Hospital and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital to our network.

Chinese Hospital is a community-owned, not-for-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area that is committed to improving community access to a quality, culturally sensitive and affordable healthcare delivery system that is dedicated to improving community health status, promoting preventive practices and wellness, and providing coordinated and appropriate health care services. Ridgecrest Regional Hospital is a non-profit, full-service hospital with 25 inpatient beds, a 99-bed skilled nursing facility, clinics, and other outpatient services committed to the care of their community’s health and that every individual who steps through their doors – be they a patient, family member, or staff – is at the center of everything they do.

By choosing Manifest MedEx as the QHIO partner, both facilities will meet their data-sharing obligation under California’s DSA, while gaining access to longitudinal health records for the treatment of their patients. With these new additions, Manifest MedEx is now connected with over 130 hospitals in California and is excited to continue to drive the transformation of health through data exchange in our state.

News and Events

2024 Quality & Technology Conference 

Manifest MedEx is pleased to sponsor the California Primary Care Association's 2024 Quality & Technology Conference from March 21-22 in Long Beach!

CPCA's Quality & Technology Conference is designed to disseminate best practices and share innovative projects that directly support the strategic use of technology at health centers to deliver high-quality care. Spend time learning about topics critical to California's community health centers, such as implementing technology best practices, leveraging health information technology quality improvement efforts, data exchange policy and regulations, data collection and analytics, value-based care, social determinants of health, and practice transformation efforts at community health centers. Attendees will also benefit from exhibitor networking to learn about innovations in the field.

Visit booth #2 to learn how Manifest MedEx can help your organization transform health in California. As a qualified health information organization, MX can assist in DxF compliance and provide you with data to streamline care coordination, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. We look forward to connecting with you!

Register here to learn more!

Network Growth

shutterstock_2191880035 (1)

New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following participants:

Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield Life & Health Insurance Company of California*
Oak Valley District Hospital

CCDAs from the following participants:

Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield Life & Health Insurance Company of California*
Optum Medical Care Group

Observational Results from the following participants:

Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield Life & Health Insurance Company of California*
Health Plan of San Joaquin

*Clinical data provided to MX to ensure compliance with the Data Exchange Framework

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