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August 2021 Edition

New Practices Added Through Cal-HOP

Manifest MedEx (MX) is dedicated to expanding Health Information Exchange (HIE) to ambulatory providers and clinics across the state of California. We are proud to announce that we have signed up over 130 ambulatory practices and clinics to Cal-HOP statewide. With their connection to MX, these organizations can now leverage both claims and clinical data offered through three powerful tools: real time encounter alerts, longitudinal records, and population health dashboards.

MX Partners with Athena Health to Expand HIE Network in California

Manifest MedEx is excited to announce our partnership with Athena Health. In addition to electronic health records, Athena offers revenue cycle management and patient engagement solutions to provide “exceptional patient and provider experiences.”  Athena has promoted Health Information Exchange to provide clinicians participating in MIPS the opportunity to qualify for points and revenue associated with the Promoting Interoperability measures. Athena participants in an HIE also receive hospital notifications and enhanced views into risk management.  By working together with Manifest MedEx, Athena Heath continues to deliver value for their customers.

NCQA Data Aggregation Program Updates

MX is in the July cohort for the NCQA Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program, following on our successful completion and validation for MY 2020. The program involves audits of MX data, policies, and procedures to benefit the data quality for the entire network. MX will be engaging with provider participants selected by our NCQA auditor within the next few weeks to retrieve clinical charts. Receiving the NCQA DAV status allows MX data to be used by health plan participants as standard supplemental data for HEDIS measurements, reducing the need for our provider participants to retrieve clinical charts for each health plan. We appreciate your help and collaboration on our data quality initiatives.


Patient Demographics in MX Access Documents and Popup Windows

Manifest MedEx has updated all documents and popup windows within MX Access to display the patient's name, date of birth, MRN, and the participating facility. Additionally, when clicking on the print button within documents and radiology reports, the patient's name and date of birth will be displayed at the top of all pages. If you have any questions, please email our Customer Success team at

News and Events

Last week, Secretary Ghaly announced the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group that will guide the development of the new Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework, per AB 133. CEO and founder Claudia Williams has been appointed to this group of diverse healthcare leaders from across California, bringing on-the-ground experience in the state’s data exchange efforts, along with a deep background in health information policy. Read the full statement to learn more!

MX executives Claudia Williams, CEO, and Erica Galvez, Chief Strategy Officer, participated in the 7th Annual Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative Conference this month. The theme for the conference was “The Role of Health Information Exchange: Innovation in Public Health, Partnerships, and Pandemic Response.” Claudia Williams served as a panelist in a discussion on the role of HIEs as health data utilities, while Erica Galvez moderated a panel on reducing the burden of quality reporting through the NCQA Data Aggregation Validation Program, joined by Genia Fick, Vice President of Quality at Inland Empire Health Plan, Jackie Ejuwa, Vice President of Health Transformation Acceleration at Blue Shield of California, and Wendy Talbot, Assistant Vice President at NCQA. Both panels reflected the advancement of health information exchanges to help providers, hospitals, and health plans deliver better care across the state of California.

"To get away from competition and concepts of owning data, we need to be sure that public purpose and the mission of improving care for the state is front and center all the time and that we are also building out capabilities. 

- Claudia Williams, CEO, Manifest MedEx

President Biden has proposed a 40 percent increase in funding for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). This subdivision of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a budget of around $60 million to accomplish the large task of “Improv(ing) the health and well-being of individuals and communities through the use of technology and health information that is accessible when and where it matters most.” If the proposal is approved by Congress, it will be a great opportunity to improve health equity and the challenges of healthcare cost and quality. Claudia Williams, CEO and founder of Manifest MedEx, shares her thoughts on top priorities if granted the funding requested. 

Network Growth

NG August

New data sources available on MX today:

CCDAs from the following 11 participants

Aspen Medical Group, Inc.
Internal Medicine Specialists Inc.
Khurram Abbass M.D., Inc.
Motion Medical Group, P.C.
Nayyara Dawood M.D. Pediatrics Corporation

New Age Gastroenterology
Priti Desai M.D., Inc.
Stuart L Silverman M.D., A Medical Corporation
Totalcare Walk-In Clinic, Inc. (2 Locations)
Valley Oak Family Practice Medical Group, Inc.

Lab data from the following 38 participants

Adams Medical Group
Andre Yousefia, M.D.
Benjamin Leong, M.D., Inc.
C.S. Rayhrer, M.D., APC
Calexico Wellness Center
Comcare Primary Medical Group A California General Partnership
County Of Riverside (13 Locations)
Jigar Ghelani M.D., Inc.
Kaditam Reddy M.D., Inc.

Mark H Mazur M.D. & Barry Statner M.D.
Michael M. Salehpour, M.D., APC
Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District (7 Locations)
Santa Barbara Nephrology
Sierra Hematology Oncology Medical Center, A Professional Corporation (5 Locations)
Urology Group Of Southern California (2 Locations)

ORUs from the following hospital

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District

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