California Appoints Health and Human Services Stakeholder Advisory Group

Newly formed group of diverse CA healthcare leaders to assist in developing Data Exchange Framework

Last week, Secretary Ghaly announced the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group that will guide the development of the new Health and Human Services Data Exchange Framework, per AB 133. Manifest MedEx (MX) CEO and founder Claudia Williams has been appointed to this group of diverse healthcare leaders from across California, bringing on-the-ground experience in the state’s data exchange efforts, along with a deep background in health information policy.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group will develop policy recommendations to support the AB 133 requirement that providers, hospitals, and health plans exchange health information by 2024. The group will partner with California Health and Human Services, the state’s new Center for Data Insights and Innovation, and several other state agencies whose work will be critical to the success of the Data Exchange Framework.

“California is at a pivotal moment. Over the last year, gaps in data and insight slowed our COVID response, deepened disparities, and threatened the healthcare safety net. We saw that healthcare and public health data systems are siloed and separate, blocking our ability to tackle the pandemic,” said Williams.

As California’s largest nonprofit health data network, sharing data for30 million Californians across 125 hospitals, 10 health plans, and more than 1,800 providers, Manifest MedEx has been championing data sharing to support seamless, high quality, and affordable care for all Californians.

“I am honored to be appointed to the Stakeholder Advisory Group and look forward to working with Secretary Ghaly, his team, and the terrific group of leaders he has appointed,” said Williams. “This is the time for us to take bold action to make healthcare truly better for everyone. It can be our generational moment, when building this health data infrastructure – and getting it right – unlocks the power of insights and data to strengthen public health, transform Medi-Cal, and improve health equity.”


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