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April 2021 Edition

MX Welcomes New Participants

MX is excited to welcome Central Valley Health Plan (CVHP) to the MX network. CVHP is a provider-sponsored health plan owned by Saint Agnes Medical Center and Trinity Health that covers about 2,000 Medicare Advantage lives in the Central Valley. It joins eight other health plans on the MX network throughout California!
MX is also happy to announce that Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District has joined the MX network. Since its foundation in 1950, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District has committed to providing the highest quality care across its main hospital and 11 specialty centers. Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District serves patients across Imperial, Riverside, and San Diego counties.


New! Patients Can Now Request Their Unified Health Records from Manifest MedEx

At Manifest MedEx, our mission is to get health information out of silos. We want providers, hospitals, health plans – and now patients – to be able to access the information they need.

That’s why MX is pleased to now offer patients access to their unified health records from Manifest MedEx.

Giving patients access to their own information helps them make informed decisions about their health and well-being, as well as help maintain accurate patient records.

Patients whose providers are participants in the MX network can now request their health records from MX. Learn more, read our FAQs for providers, and download the patient access form here.

CMS Conditions of Participation ADT e-Notifications

Manifest MedEx is proud to help participating hospitals meet the new CMS ADT event notification regulations.

Effective May 2021, all acute care, psychiatric, and critical access hospitals are required to send event notifications to the patient’s care team when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred to community providers. Hospitals that don’t comply risk losing their ability to receive payments from Medicare and Medicaid.

By simply participating in the MX network and establishing a compliant ADT feed, hospitals can meet the new CMS requirements. MX takes on the burden of routing ADT event notifications to the patient’s ambulatory and post-acute care team.

While the majority of the CMS requirement is solved by the combination of your hospital’s ADT feed and the MX Notify technology, it will be important for your hospital to have written policies and procedures and a standard approach to asking and documenting patient preferences for which providers they would like to have notified about their hospitalization.

Please visit our page on Conditions of Participation for resources to help your hospital understand and comply with the CMS Rule.

Changes to MX’s Sensitive Data Filters

MX’s Excluded Data Policy requires Participants to refrain from sending specific types of data to MX that require patient consent to share. As a safeguard to catch any accidental sharing of Excluded data by Participants, MX maintains a set of filters that identify Excluded Data (for example, HIV lab results) and prevent it from being further shared across MX’s system.

MX has reviewed its filters in light of the Information Blocking Rule taking effect this month to be sure that MX allows all information to be shared except Excluded Data. MX identified several filters that extended beyond Excluded Data, and has removed those filters to ensure nothing in the MX system gets in the way of providers and plans sharing patient data when and where it is needed.  As a result, users may find more robust information in MX’s system for some patients.

Updates to MX Analyze

MX Analyze now includes a simplified approach to categorizing risk. You now see risk scores arranged within Risk Class categories instead of risk ranges. The four Risk Class categories include: low, moderate, high, and very high risk making it easy for you to see the distribution of risk scores across a population or for an individual. The Risk Change filters now include the option of filtering by Risk Classes.

Network Growth


New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 2 participants

Kaweah Delta Medical Center
Methodist Hospital of Southern California

Lab data from the following 12 participants

Bakersfield Pediatrics - 34th Street Office
Bakersfield Pediatrics - Old River Office
Caring Physicians Medical Group, Inc. FKA Salvatore Tarantino
Chulhwe Koo, M.D.
Dharmavijaypal R. Narayan
Jacqueline G. De Castro, M.D., Inc.
Jon J. Atiga, M.D., Inc.
Jun R. Chiong, M.D., MPH, Inc.
New Age Gastroenterology
Richard E. Uhler, D.O., Inc.
Sharna B. Shachar, A Professional Medical Corporation
Sylvia A. Gisi, M.D., Inc.

Improving Care through Health Plan Partnerships

MX accelerates time-to-value for health plans by maintaining a master record consisting of all available member data to fuel quality improvement and reporting, risk adjustment, care coordination, and utilization management. In this case study, we’ll review compelling examples of how health plans are using information from MX to improve coordination, increase efficiency, and provide better care.

We Value Your Feedback!

Thank you for participating in the Manifest MedEx network. In an effort to understand how we are doing as your data partner and to continually improve our services to you, we kindly invite you to rate your experience with MX data by clicking the link below. We welcome any additional feedback you may have. We look forward to continuing our efforts to help you maximize the value of your participation in our network. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.

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