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March 2024 Edition

Manifest MedEx Joins NCQA’s Digital Content Services Early Adopter Program

Last month, Manifest MedEx announced its participation in the NCQA Digital Content Services Early Adopter Program to advance digitized quality measurement initiatives and help shape NCQA’s framework and approach to enabling the practical and flexible use of digital quality measures across the full spectrum of value-based care use cases, including quality reporting for health plans.

As an Early Adopter, Manifest MedEx will access NCQA’s first software application for digitized HEDIS® measures and will configure, schedule, and run digital HEDIS® measure executions for 14 digital quality measures chosen by NCQA specifically for their relevance in value-based care programming, with 20% also represented in the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services’ (CMS) “Universal Foundation” initiative. Hosted in Manifest MedEx’s cloud environment, these digital measures take advantage of FHIR® and Clinical Quality Language (CQL), an expression language curated by HL7 that CMS, NCQA, and others have adopted for digital quality measures.

“Our participation as a pioneer and Early Adopter of NCQA’s Digital Content Services demonstrates our commitment to advancing digitized quality measurement initiatives to help streamline and reduce costs for HEDIS measure updates and certification and accelerate health care’s transition to a digital measurement ecosystem,” said Jason Buckner, Chief Information Officer, Manifest MedEx. “We are proud to partner with NCQA in this work, in addition to our ongoing participation in NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation program, which validates our clinical data streams for health plans to use in HEDIS reporting and other quality programs without the need for primary source verification.”

Manifest MedEx facilitates the secure and permitted exchange of health data for 38 million Californians across a data network of more than 16 health plans, 130 hospitals, and 2,100 ambulatory providers. Some of the largest health plans in California such as Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, HealthNet, Health Plan of San Joaquin, and Inland Empire Health Plan use data from Manifest MedEx for quality improvement and reporting.

Manifest MedEx has participated in NCQA’s digital quality transformation programs since 2021 when it joined the first cohort of the NCQA Data Aggregator Validation program. It earned Validated Data Stream designation for a fourth consecutive year for Measure Year 2023 and is among nine qualified health information organizations (QHIOs) for the California Health and Human Services Agency’s Data Exchange Framework.

Stay tuned as we share outcomes of our participation in NCQA's Digital Content Services Early Adopter Program!

MX Update on CDII Participant Directory

Manifest MedEx is pleased to announce that over 220 organizations that selected MX as their QHIO have completed the Center for Data Insights and Innovation's (CDII)  Participant Directory.

CDII has published a Participant Directory Quick Start Guide to help DSA signatories understand the Participant Directory, its components, and the steps to take within the Directory depending on your organization’s Data Sharing Agreement.

  • Per DxF Policy & Procedure OPP-14, this directory provides information on the method each DxF Participant is using to exchange required health and human services information (HSSI).
  • The representative for a DSA organization who created the organization profile/account in the DSA Signing Portal will see a “Participant Directory” button when they login to the DSA Signing Portal with their existing account; they are the only ones who can update the directory on behalf of their organizations.

If you are using Manifest MedEx to meet your data sharing requirements – either as a qualified health information organization (QHIO) or leveraging the new California ADT Network launched by Manifest MedEx – be sure to select Manifest MedEx in the drop-down menu as your choice to send and receive HSSI, as well as request notifications of ADT events, including if you are only using the California ADT Network to meet the ADT requirement.

One of the many benefits of partnering with Manifest MedEx is that we will automatically serve as your intermediary and exchange the required data on your behalf once we are contacted, reducing the burden for DxF participants.

If you haven’t selected Manifest MedEx as your QHIO, it’s not too late! Simply let your Customer Success Account Manager know and complete the Participant Directory accordingly.

If you have any questions related to the Participant Directory, please contact, or reach out to your Customer Success Account Manager for more information on how we can support you as your QHIO.


Follow us on LinkedIn @Manifest MedEx, X @ManifestMedEx, and visit our DxF resource center to stay updated on the Data Exchange Framework, Data Sharing Agreement, QHIO Program, Signatory Grants, policy updates, and upcoming events!

MX Announces Upgrades to MX Analyze

Manifest MedEx is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our data analytics and reporting platform, MX Analyze, with more robust analytics capabilities. MX Analyze brings together curated clinical data, claims, and publicly available social drivers of health data to help you quickly and confidently target support to patients who need it most. This new platform is designed to provide MX with the flexibility to meet the reporting needs of our participants, today and in the future.

With MX Analyze, MX has developed reports and data services to help population health managers easily understand and manage the utilization and quality of care for attributed patients using information from across the MX network. Here is a quick refresher on a few capabilities of this powerful tool:
  • With Manifest MedEx’s Chronic Conditions Risk Report, participants can easily identify patients or members with one or more chronic condition, understand their trends and potential risk for Emergency Department (ED) utilization and inpatient (IP) visits, and target resources to those who may need more intervention and treatment. The report also includes contact information and demographic data, such as primary language and race, that can be used for culturally tailored outreach.
  • Through the aggregation of records across our health data network of more than 38 million Californians, MX continuously receives updates on individual demographic and contact information, creating a more complete and accurate set of information for patients/members than is typically available from a single data source. Using this  robust dataset, MX can create configurable contact reports for participants based on their patient or member panels. These reports include all known past home addresses and phone numbers and most recent information for all other contact details (e.g., email).
To learn about other reports available through MX Analyze today, or to request new reports or dashboards, please contact your Customer Success Account Manager for more information about MX Analyze!

MX Welcomes New Participants!

Manifest MedEx is excited about our new partnerships with Alameda Health System (AHS) and the Ventura County Health Care Plan (VCHCP).

AHS is an integrated public health care system of five hospitals and four wellness centers with over 800 beds and 1,000 physicians that has served the Bay area's healthcare needs since 1864. MX will receive ADT and care summary data feeds from AHS’s 12 facilities, including Wilma Chan Highland, the system’s flagship hospital. MX is honored to collaborate with AHS to create a healthier California for all.

Established in 1993, the Ventura County Health Care Plan (VCHCP) is a service oriented, County sponsored Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that was developed as a practical and cost-effective option for providing health care services to over 13,000 county employees and their covered dependents. VCHCP joined MX to help meet their DxF data sharing requirements as part of the County’s overall strategy and intent to be compliant with AB133. MX looks forward to collaborating with VCHCP to ensure they meet their DxF requirements as a DSA signatory and to complement VCHCP's overall strategy for compliance.

News and Events

HIE Launches Free ADT Service to Expand Health Data Exchange
According to 2021 American Hospital Association survey data, small and rural hospitals are less likely to participate in HIE networks than medium and large hospitals due to fewer economic and technological resources.To address these gaps and help provider organizations comply with the new DxF, Manifest MedEx launched a free network for admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notifications.

“Based on our mission in establishing a health data safety net, we firmly believe that the best place to start is with ADTs,” said Erica Galvez, CEO, Manifest MedEx. “It’s a small set of information, but it’s really impactful because it allows that care team to know what’s happening with you to support you as you come out of the hospital.”

Read the full article about the California ADT Network, published in TechTarget.

Health Data Leadership Institute
Manifest MedEx’s CEO, Erica Galvez, will join Jolie Ritzo, Vice President of Strategy and Network Engagement, Civitas Networks for Health; Stephanie Brown, Executive Director, CRISP DC; Jay Nakashima, Executive Director, eHealth Exchange; and Naresh Sundar Rajan, Ph.D., Chief Data Officer, CyncHealth in a panel titled “Health Information Exchanges and Emerging Health Data Utilities: Critical Partners in Improving Public Health” at Academy Health’s 2024 Health Data Leadership Institute on May 8th from 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM EST.The crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed material, and in some cases, debilitating, disconnects between information systems used by public health agencies, the clinical care delivery system, and social service organizations. As states and public health organizations look to optimize the surveillance systems that monitor communicable diseases in the aftermath of the pandemic, many are also looking for more connected, scalable, and holistic solutions that help them better address a host of other public health priorities, like health equity, health care access, climate impacts, and natural disasters.

In preparation for the panel discussion, Erica published a blog post in AcademyHealth, "Collaborative Connections: Exploring 3 Vital Partnerships in Public Health with Health Data Networks," where she has identified three collaborations in California that have made an impact in public health. These collaborations showcase the potential for Health Information Organizations (HIOs) and Health Data Utilities (HDUs) to support various public health needs.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend the Health Data Leadership Institute and learn more about the critical role of HIOs and HDUs in improving public health. Be sure to register for the event and read Erica's blog post to gain valuable insights into the collaborative efforts in California.


CMA Health IT Summit

Have you registered for the California Medical Association's 2nd Annual HIT Summit?

As California works towards health care transformation, health information technology (HIT) can play a pivotal role in expanding coverage and ensuring equitable access to care, especially within underserved populations. The CMA HIT Summit aims to bring together thought leaders from across California and the nation to explore how to make that vision a reality.

Register for the event and meet the Manifest MedEx team to learn how we can partner with your organization to advance health equity and support population health management initiatives while also helping you meet your DxF requirements as outlined in CA Assembly Bill 133.

Register here for more information!

Network Growth

shutterstock_1381579229 (1)

New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 26 participants:

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (25 locations)
Welcome Health Medical Group

CCDAs from the following 28 participants:

Community Health Centers of the Central Coast (25 locations)
Health Net, LLC
Quality Care IPA Inland Empire, Inc.
Welcome Health Medical Group

Labs from the following 35 participants:

Adelanto Health Center
Amcare Medical Group, Inc.
Barstow Public Health Clinic
Big Bear Public Health Clinic
Centro Medico Community Clinic, Inc. (3 locations)
Diego G. Allende, A Medical Corporation
Elizabeth Salada, M.D., A Medical Corporation
Eric Roberto Batres Medical Corporation
Felton Institute (9 locations)
Inland Empire Women's Center Medical Associates (4 locations)
Kamran A Qureshi, M.D.
myPlace Health
Needles Public Health Clinic
Ontario Health Center
Sacramento Street Medicine (6 locations)
San Bernardino Health Center
Victor Valley Health Center

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