Partner News: Manifest Medex Partners with Audacious Inquiry to Bring Real-time Encounter Notifications to California

Manifest MedEx successfully deploys MX Notify, powered by Audacious Inquiry’s Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®), to help California providers keep patients healthy and reduce costly readmissions.

Baltimore, MD., February 6, 2019 – Audacious Inquiry (Ai), a health information technology company providing industry-leading interoperability solutions, announced today that Manifest MedEx has successfully rolled-out MX Notify, a real-time notification service powered by Audacious Inquiry’s Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®).

Manifest MedEx (MX), California’s largest nonprofit health data network, provides MX Notify for clinicians and care providers across hospitals, ambulatory practices, and ACOs to help individuals receive the care and follow-up they need when discharged from the hospital, while also improving care coordination, reducing costly readmissions, and helping organizations qualify for federal payments and incentives. MX Notify is powered by Ai’s care coordination platform ENS, which is used by health information organizations and hospital associations around the country to bridge the gap between care teams enabling more efficient and effective transitions of care.

MX delivers information to healthcare providers across California for millions of patients with a focus on flexible technology, combined claims and clinical records, and tools to put the data to work immediately. Participants rely on MX Notify’s real-time notifications to bring resources to help individuals most likely to benefit from post-discharge support, and as a bridge to access a broad and deep set of clinical data from hospitals, labs, primary care providers, skilled nursing facilities, and health plans across California through MX’s longitudinal record.

“The Audacious Inquiry team has been an excellent partner to MX. We were able to quickly deploy our notification service and bring immediate value to our stakeholders through our collaboration with Ai. California providers are already reducing readmissions using MX Notify, and we are actively onboarding additional customers throughout the state every day that are eager to support their patients during and after hospitalizations,” said Claudia Williams, CEO of Manifest MedEx.

Scott Afzal, president of Ai, added, “We believe deeply in the work Manifest MedEx is doing in California. We are proud to be a part of an innovative network bringing healthcare providers the information they need for patient care.”

MX recently interviewed Lisa Hahn, the Program Director for the ACO and Community Care Network at the Inland Empire Foundation for Medical Care (IEFMC). The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) accountable care organization she oversees coordinates across 72 independent practices, each with their own electronic health record systems, care coordination protocols, and clinical cultures, all caring together for a population of more than 17,000 Medicare patients. Lisa’s team integrates data from MX Notify and the MX Access longitudinal record seamlessly into their workflow to reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes, and make patients happy.

“It’s the ability to take the information that MX pushes to us, drill further into the Manifest MedEx longitudinal patient record, look for utilization patterns which may be costing the system unnecessary dollars — that is impactful. Somebody who uses an ER for four falls in a given year can be helped. Somebody who uses the ER when they have an anxiety attack can be helped. Our model of using our Community Care Network in a value-based project, with good data, like we get from Manifest MedEx, is working to lower costs, improve quality, and increase patient and provider satisfaction,” said Hahn.

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