We want to take a moment to express our deep thanks and gratitude to all working on the front lines to protect our communities and heal our loved ones during the COVID-19 crisis, and all doing their part to flatten the curve of the pandemic. While this is a profoundly challenging time, we are heartened by the deep collaboration and generosity we are seeing in communities across California. Shared information is a crucial component of the response effort and we are thankful that the data you share and tools we provide can help.

MX is working with a number of public health departments and officials to identify at-risk populations and monitor trends in health care utilization to keep a pulse on hospital and health system capacity. We deeply appreciate your collaboration as we support the public health response.

Here are a few ways you can use MX’s tools to support your COVID-19 efforts:

Use MX Notify to identify and track patients who test positive for COVID-19. MX Notify will also tell you in real time if they are admitted to the ED or hospital. Click here for an FAQ about our new COVID-19 notifications, and click here for full instructions on filtering for COVID-19. Additional technical resources can be found here.

Use MX Analyze to identify high-risk patients and proactively reach out to them to provide guidance on staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak and to schedule telehealth visits if needed. You can use MX Analyze filters to identify patients in specific age groups and with specific chronic and acute conditions that increase the risk of COVID-19.

Use MX Access to understand patients’ medications and other important aspects of their health history that can impact their COVID-19 risk and support your telehealth or other support services. We are getting COVID-19 results from hospital, public health and reference lab data feeds and you will see these results in your patients’ records.

Together we have built the state’s largest health data network. We built it for the everyday need to coordinate care as patients move across our health system. But we also built it to lessen the burden and provide needed support in times of crisis. Please let us know if there are additional ways we can help you right now.

With appreciation,

Claudia Williams
CEO, Manifest MedEx