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Health data is the backbone of your efforts to improve quality, reduce the total cost of care and enhance patients' experience. How providers and health plans access and use information will determine who succeeds and who does not in new value models.

MX does the hard work of unlocking your patients’ health data from its many silos, bringing it together on an open platform and making it available to you directly into your own workflow. MX collaborates with world class technology partners to deliver a robust, scalable and secure platform that will meet your needs today and well into the future.

You can use the MX network to access a broad and deep set of data you need including clinical and claims data from hospitals, clinics, labs, skilled nursing facilities and health payers across California.

Available data includes patient encounters and procedures, hospital admission and discharge information, care team, diagnoses, lab results, imaging reports, medications and allergies. Our flexible APIs let you deliver information directly into your existing workflows.

We do the heavy lifting of merging, matching and de-duplicating the data and making it available to you as a longitudinal record, through real-time encounter alerts and through population level dashboards and measures.

MX has an easy bug reporting system and provides an open idea board where network members can share ideas, ask questions and vote for new features to be added to the product roadmap.

MX supports all participants to get value from our solutions as soon as possible. That means participants can access our data quickly after signing up. Our engineers will work with your team to make the implementation effort as easy as possible.