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Value and Benefit

Value and Benefit

Manifest MedEx is an independent, nonprofit organization that operates for the benefit of all Californians. Open to all providers and payers who contribute clinical and claims data, it provides doctors, nurses, hospitals and other healthcare organizations across the state with a unified source of integrated patient information.

Manifest MedEx is driven and passionate about enabling and encouraging better healthcare delivery and collaboration among providers, payers and patients.

Benefits for Providers:

  • Exchange real-time clinical information among participating providers
  • View consolidated clinical data (allergies, test results, medications, etc.) on one screen from multiple sources
  • Receive electronic alerts and notifications on your patients
  • Receive laboratory results online
  • Access tools to help coordinate, and address gaps in patient care
  • Create case management care plans for patients with chronic conditions
  • View radiology reports online linked to the patient record
  • Submit immunizations/lab data to public health agencies

Benefits for Health Plans:

  • View a more comprehensive picture of members
  • Increase the safety and quality of patient care across the ecosystem
  • Reduce inefficiency and overall costs