The Annual Call for Nominations for the Manifest MedEx Advisory Committee Is Now Open!

The annual call for nominations for our Advisory Committee is now open!

Our Advisory Committee helps MX understand the needs of its participants, align products, services, and policies with industry developments, and adopt best practices.

The committee acts as a voice for MX users, shares best practices, and proposes new products, technologies, or policy changes for MX consideration.

To nominate a committee member or self-nominate, please submit the following in an email to Advisory Committee Co-Chair Mimi Hall, Vice President, Public Policy & Partnerships at

  • Nominee’s first and last name;
  • Current position held;
  • Organization;
  • Areas of expertise;
  • Current CV, including all organizational, professional, or advisory positions; and
  • A brief description of the candidate’s qualifications to serve on the committee

The MX Advisory Committee operates in a voluntary capacity and convenes quarterly. Nominations are due by May 26, and new members will be announced by the end of June.

Take part in helping Manifest MedEx support the healthcare transformation efforts in California!

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