Putting the Data-Sharing Infrastructure in Place for CalAIM

The California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) program launched Jan. 1, 2022. Its features are designed to create an easier pathway to support care for people outside of traditional healthcare settings and help address enrollees’ health-related social needs. An online panel of stakeholders recently discussed its potential impact.

Claudia Williams, M.S., CEO of Manifest MedEx, led a discussion of CalAIM’s goals from her perspective leading California’s largest nonprofit health data network.

She noted that CalAIM allows health plans to substitute social services for medical care. For instance, a patient who might be underhoused could have access to housing counseling. “There are going to be a whole bunch of new partners in community-based organizations providing those kinds of social services, whether that’s housing or food services or other kinds of services,” she said.

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