Opt-Out Policy Changes Changes to MX opt-out policy, Effective April 30. 2020

As of April 30, is implementing a few important changes to its opt-out policy that you should be aware of.

  • As of April 30, MX will require anyone who wants to opt-out of having their information shared through MX to document their opt out directly with MX by either using the online form on the MX website (https://www.manifestmedex.org/opt-out) or by calling MX at 1 (800) 490-7617.
  • Providers who want to assist patients with the opt-out process may fill out the online form with the patient, and provide the required information about the person completing the form on behalf of the patient.


MX will implement the new opt-out policy on April 30, 2020. This means that as of April 30, providers should direct individuals who are interested in opting-out to do so directly with MX through its website or by calling MX. Because we know that some organizations communicate opt outs to MX through their ADT feeds and it may take those organizations some time to revise their processes and patient-facing communications, MX will continue processing opt outs sent via ADT until July 1, 2020.  As of July 1, MX will no longer process opt-outs through confidentiality flags in ADT feeds and patients will not automatically be opted-out by this mechanism. The FAQs related to the new MX opt-out process are located at https://www.manifestmedex.org/opt-out/faqs.


We encourage all organizations participating in MX to review their internal processes and the information they currently provide to patients about opting out of MX and to make updates as needed to reflect this new process before the APRIL 30 deadline.  In an effort to help organizations with this change, MX is making an updated opt-out brochure and sample verbiage for Notices of Privacy Practices available for customization and use by all participating organizations.  These resources and the updated MX opt out policy (see PP-6) are available at https://www.manifestmedex.org/opt-out/resources/. Please contact support@manifestmedex.org if you encounter problems accessing these resources.


These changes to the MX opt out policy and process will help ensure that individuals understand that the opt-out applies to their data from all MX participants. These changes also lessen the possibility that technical or workflow issues get in the way of honoring the individual’s request, and reduce the training and workflow burden for healthcare organizations.


In addition please note that opt-out provisions are not applicable to Patient Data which providers or health plans share to support authorization of services to patients, where those patients have already been informed of such sharing by a provider or health plan Notice of Privacy Practices.


Please contact customersuccess@manifestmedex.org with any questions regarding the new opt-out changes.