New administrator features coming from MX this fall!

We know that health data is only valuable when it is useful to your team. With that in mind, we have an exciting upgrade to MX Access, our longitudinal health record service, rolling out this fall based on participant feedback. Here’s a preview for our IT partners and administrators on what’s ahead for your organization:

We’re upgrading our MX Access service for reviewing longitudinal health records for patients across California with new features to improve design, connectivity, and performance for all participants.

Users will have one login across all Manifest MedEx services and products. Users will stay securely signed in while reviewing both notifications and longitudinal records.

We’re adding new account management tools, including improved security features such as multi-factor authentication and an improved self-service user ID/password reset process.

All MX Notify ADT alerts will include one-click connection to the patient’s full medical history, cutting out at least 5 clicks and 30 seconds from each review.

The new MX Access is launching this fall. We’ll be phasing out the old system after converting all participants.