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November 2021 Edition

Data Exchange Framework Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting Recap

As John Ohanian, Chief Data Officer, California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) kicked off the third Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting last week, he reminded the group that they were there to get consensus, “roll up our sleeves,” and “land the plane” – underscoring the need and urgency to quickly develop a Data Exchange Framework that would operationalize the data sharing requirements included in AB 133. The Advisory Group launched into a robust discussion around six guiding principles for Data Exchange Development proposed by CalHHS. Visit our website for an extensive recap of the meeting!

The Advisory Group will meet next on December 14, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. We invite you to follow @ManifestMedEx on Twitter for live tweets, share your thoughts with us, and stay tuned for more updates!

New Feature For MX Analayze

You may have noticed a new Zip Code filtering feature within MX Analyze. Located in the Geographic filtering section, users now have the ability to further narrow results for better patient or member targeting by location. As with any applied filters, these can be saved for future use. Looking for additional zip codes? Zip codes are added by request. Simply contact your friendly Customer Success Specialist to request additional zip codes to be loaded.

Manifest MedEx Wants to Hear From You!

At Manifest MedEx, our top priority is getting you the data you need when you need it.  This month we’re focused on understanding the value of real-time notifications for our participants.  Please let us know how your team leverages or would like to leverage notifications in your workflows by completing this 2 minute participant engagement survey.

Participant Bright Spot

Advanced Management USA, LLC manages a network of five large ACOs across the country, including California Clinical Partners ACO (CCPACO), an Advanced Track ACO formed in 2019, that spans from Kern County to San Diego County in California. Approximately 18,000 lives are assigned to the ACO, and their providers serve 36,000 Medicare patients each year.

Advanced Management/CCPACO joined the Manifest MedEx (MX) network in 2019 for its hospital admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notification service, MX Notify. They selected MX given its breadth of health data exchange with the providers and hospitals in CCPACO’s regional markets.

Visit our website to learn how Advanced Management/CCPACO reduced potential readmissions by 20 percent and improved patient outcomes with Manifest MedEx.

News and Events

Manifest MedEx is in the process of getting COVID-19 vaccination data from the California Department of Public Health. Gaining insight into vaccination history will support provider and health plan vaccination efforts at this critical moment when adults are eligible for boosters and many children are becoming eligible for vaccination. This data should be included in MX patient records by early 2022.


Claudia Williams, CEO of Manifest MedEx, teamed up with Kristen Golden Testa, Director of the California Health Program at The Children’s Partnership, to discuss the detrimental gaps in medical care for children in the state of California. “California ranks 40th for all states in providing preventive health services to children, including well-child exams, developmental screenings, mental health screenings, and blood tests for lead exposure.” Williams and Testa understand that the pandemic accelerated these gaps and have identified five recommendations to promote data-driven health improvements for children’s health. Read the full article to learn more on why investing in our children’s health is an investment in the future of our state.

Two Key Promotions Within Our Leadership Team

Manifest MedEx is pleased to announce that Erica Galvez has been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer, and Jason Buckner has been promoted to the role of Chief Information Officer.

Erica Galvez most recently served as MX’s Chief Strategy Officer and leads the Advisory Committee for MX. She has been instrumental in guiding the organization’s growth and expansion while ensuring MX delivers increasing value to customers. Since joining the organization in 2017, she has helped MX achieve a 500 percent increase in health records shared across the health data network. MX now shares information for 28 million Californians across more than 125 hospitals, nine health plans, and 1,200 ambulatory providers.

Jason Buckner joined MX in 2019 and most recently served as MX’s Technology Chief Operating Officer. Under his leadership, MX has improved the customer experience by accelerating data exchange and data integrity within our platform. Since joining MX, he has overseen MX’s successful completion of NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program, joining only three other data aggregators in the country with validation status.

These newly created roles and promotions reflect MX’s growth and evolution and commitment to accelerating customer value. Read more on our website.

Network Growth

shutterstock_1177751281 (1)

New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following participant

Palmdale Regional Medical Center

CCDAs from the following 37 participants

Adelanto Community Health Center
Barstow Public Health Clinic
Bay Area Community Health (18 locations)
Big Bear Public Health Clinic
ELICA Health Centers (12 locations)
Hesperia Health Center
Needles Public Health Clinic
Ontario Health Clinic
San Bernardino Health Center

Lab data from the following 7 participants

C&S A Medical Corp (2 locations)
Neighborhood Healthcare (4 locations)
Patient Focused Neurology

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