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May 2021 Edition

MX Partners with River City Medical Group to Expand Data Network

River City Medical Group (RCMG) and Manifest MedEx (MX) have partnered to expand the MX health data network throughout the Sacramento Region of Northern California. RCMG is a progressive Independent Physician Association with a mission to recognize and meet the needs of its diverse cultural and socio-economic communities. The information provided via the MX network contributes to quality patient care, better outcomes, and according to Sean Atha, Sr. Vice President of Business and Program Development, “The data impact on HEDIS measures help practices to eliminate chart-chasing and reduce auditing.” MX is excited about our partnership and supports RCMG’s commitment to helping people access health care and connecting them with other support resources in the region.

Cal-HOP: Refer Your Colleagues Before Funding Expires

Ambulatory practices need to act fast if they want to take advantage of Cal-HOP funding! Funding from Cal-HOP can help reduce or eliminate the cost for the interface between their EHR and MX. This funding opportunity expires in September 2021, so it is important that practices get the process started ASAP to take advantage of funding. Please let your provider colleagues know of this great opportunity!

MX Can Help with New CMS ADT Event Notification Regulations

Manifest MedEx is proud to help participating hospitals meet the new CMS ADT event notification regulations. Effective May 2021, all acute care, psychiatric, and critical access hospitals are required to send event notifications to the patient’s care team when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred.

Audit Report
As part of the CoP notification service, MX will be sending an audit report to MX participating hospitals. The audit report will indicate the number of ADT messages received by providers for CoP events as well as messages that did not result in a notification. The audit report can be used to help demonstrate hospital compliance with the CMS regulation. The audit report will be sent on a monthly basis by your Customer Success Specialist.

Provider Opt-Out Option
Providers listed as the primary care physician or identified by the patient as their provider will start receiving Direct Secure Messages (DSMs) when a patient has an ADT event. Providers have the option to stop receiving CoP DSMs from Manifest MedEx. If you are a provider and would like to stop receiving our CoP DSMs from MX, please contact our Customer Success team at


New MX Project to Understand Needs & Barriers to Mental Health Data Sharing

A key strategic priority for MX is mobilizing mental health data sharing, particularly in support of California’s CalAIM priorities. To better understand MX participants’ needs and concerns with respect to mental health data sharing, we have partnered with Intrepid Ascent to survey MX participants and host a series of interviews and roundtable discussions over the course of the summer.  We encourage you to respond to the short email survey and please contact Karen Ostrowski or Erica Galvez if you’d like to participate in one of the interviews or roundtable discussions on mental health data sharing.

Update to MX Access

Great news! Manifest MedEx has updated the radiology tab within MX Access to now include a print functionality. The print functionality will allow you to print patient radiology reports to assist with care management and referral purposes.

To print a radiology report, go to the Radiology tab and click on the Details icon. You will find the Print button located at the top right side of the report. If you have any questions, please email our Customer Success team at

Using MX Data for COVID Vaccination Outreach

MX responded to a need from a health plan participant, Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ), to facilitate outreach regarding COVID vaccination access to their members. On a weekly basis, HPSJ shares CA Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and CA Immunization Registry (CAIR) reports with MX to consume and file vaccination records within the members’ longitudinal record. MX supplements the vaccination data with our COVID Mortality Risk Score and a count of conditions indicating increased risk (as identified by CA Department of Public Health) and combines it into a file including the member’s latest demographic and contact information, their primary care provider, and preferred language. HPSJ uses the report to perform outreach to members to help encourage vaccination. This process provides the added benefit of allowing COVID vaccination data to be accessible for these members within MX Access.


Network Growth


New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 16 participants

Adventist Health and Rideout
Adventist Health Bakersfield
Adventist Health Clear Lake
Adventist Health Glendale
Adventist Health Hanford
Adventist Health Howard Memorial
Adventist Health Lodi Memorial
Adventist Health Reedley

Adventist Health Selma
Adventist Health Simi Valley
Adventist Health Sonora
Adventist Health St. Helena
Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley
Adventist Health Ukiah Valley
Adventist Health White Memorial
Pioneers Memorial Hospital

CCDAs from the following 20 participants

Charter Health Care Group - High Desert
Charter Health Care Group - Inland Empire
Charter Health Care Group - Low Desert
Charter Health Care Group - San Gabriel Valley
Charter Health Care Group - Simi Valley
Gerald Radlauer
High Desert Endoscopy
High Desert Neuro
Housecall Doctors Medical Group
Jon J. Atiga M.D., Inc.

Jun R. Chiong M.D., MPH, Inc.
Mission Surgical Clinic - Corona
Mission Surgical Clinic - Wildomar
Mission Surgical Clinic Inc.
Peter D. Strutz M.D.
R.M. Flores M.D., Inc.
Samuel A. Bolivar M.D., Inc.
Samuel A. Bolivar M.D., Inc.- Riverside
Sports Orthopaedic Medicine Institute
Venu Prabaker, M.D., Inc.

Lab data from the following 20 participants

Abayomi A Odubela M.D., A Professional Corporation
AMG Foundation
BAWJ Medical Services Inc. (Perris Community Family & Urgent Care)
Bryan Rivera M.D., Inc.
Dr. Mike's Walk-In Clinic
Dr. Mike's Walk-In Clinic Apple Valley
Dr. Mike's Walk-In Clinic Barstow
Dr. Mike's Walk-In Clinic Victorville
Dr. Timothy J. Killeen M.D., Inc.
H. Kolli M.D., A Medical Corporation

Hemchand Kolli M.D., Inc.
Innovative Care Medicine
Metro Family Physicians Medical Group, Inc.
Peter D. Strutz M.D.
Rm Flores M.D. Inc.
Roberto C. Tongson, M.D.
Sampath Ramakrishnan M.D., Inc. (Bay Area Home Care Medical Group)
Samuel A Bolivar M.D., Inc.
Samuel A Bolivar M.D., Inc.- Riverside
San Diego Internal Medicine Associates

ORUs from the following 7 participants

Los Angeles Community Hospital
Los Angeles Community Hospital at Bellflower
Los Angeles Community Hospital at Norwalk

Alta Newport Hospital Inc. (Foothill Regional Medical Center)
Southern California Hospital at Culver City
Southern California Hospital at Hollywood
Southern California Hospital at Van Nuys

How Medical Practices Can Prepare for the Post-COVID Boom

As California reopens, ambulatory medical practices across the state are gearing up for the surge of catch-up care with their patients. There’s a lot of work to do: As many as 40 percent of patients reported skipping medical care during the pandemic, with nearly 1 in 3 patients missing a preventive care visit, according to a survey from the American Medical Association (AMA). The long-term impact of this missed care could be serious for patients. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that “27 percent of those who say they or a family member skipped or postponed care say that either they or their family member experienced a worsening medical condition as a result,” such as mental health conditions and kidney problems.

Patients are coming back with potentially more severe clinical needs and the need to catch up on missed preventive care. How can practices be better prepared for this moment, scaling up to deliver more care without burning out, while making the most of this opportunity to improve hard-hit finances? Our experts, Dr. Sara Pastoor, Director of Primary Care Advancement at Elation Health and Adam Harrison, Chief Growth Officer, Manifest MedEx, have some suggestions.

 Driving the Future of Care with Data, Flexibility, and Community

A Southern California-based federally qualified health center (FQHC) works hard to reach populations that are lacking infrastructure and don’t otherwise have access to high-quality healthcare programs. This FQHC delivers patient results that inspire, and they have built momentum especially with women’s health, newborn screenings, and diabetes prevention, as well as HIV testing and trans healthcare programs. With the combination of crucial data and effective case managers, this FQHC has seen improved patient outcomes since joining the MX network.

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