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March 2021 Edition

MX Welcomes Gold Coast Health Plan

MX is excited to welcome Gold Coast Health Plan to the MX network, joining seven other plans throughout the state! Gold Coast Health Plan proudly serves more than 200,000 Medi-Cal beneficiaries in Ventura County through its network of primary care physicians, specialists, behavioral health providers, hospitals, and pharmacies. Since it was founded in 2011, Gold Coast Health Plan has been committed to providing access to high-quality care and improving the health of its members, which include 1 in 5 county residents, 1 in 8 seniors, and 1 in 2 children up to the age of 5.


Coalition Advocates for Statewide HIE

On March 1st, Connecting for Better Health, a diverse array of healthcare advocates, industry leaders, and major employers, officially launched their coalition in support of California’s first-ever statewide health information exchange (HIE) network. Manifest MedEx joined as a founding member along with several MX participants. MX expects the coalition to play an instrumental role in shaping HIE policies currently under debate in the Senate and Assembly.

Assembly Health Committee Holds Second Hearing

On March 2nd, the Assembly Health Committee held its second hearing on health information exchange. Panelists included MX board members Dolores Green, CEO of Riverside County Medical Association and Inland Empire Foundation for Medical Care and Jarrod McNaughton, CEO of Inland Empire Health Plan, as well as leaders from Manatt Health, Partnership Health Plan, California Medical Association, and Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Jim Wood, Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, has drafted AB 1131, which aligns with the language in the Governor’s budget proposal requiring health plans, hospitals, medical groups, labs, and nursing facilities to share data through an HIE by 2023.

Network Growth


New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 76 participants

Academic Family Medicine Center
Adult Hematology & Oncology Clinic
Anacapa Surgical Associates
Bay Area Community Health (17 clinics)
Cardiology Clinic
Clinicas Del Camino Real (16 clinics)
Conejo Valley Family Medical Group
Elica Health Centers (12 clinics)
Employee Family Medical Group
Fillmore Family Medical Group
Immunology Clinic
John K. Flynn Community Clinic
Las Islas Family Medical Group
Las Islas Family Medical Group North
Las Posas Family Medical Group
Magnolia Family Medical Center
Magnolia West
Mandalay Bay Women & Children's
Medicine Specialty Center West
Moorpark Family Medical Clinic
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Clinic
Pediatrics Diagnostic Center
Rehabilitation Services
Santa Paula Hospital
Santa Paula Hospital Clinic
Santa Paula Medical Clinic
Santa Paula West
Sierra Vista Family Medical Clinic
VC Health Care for the Homeless Program
Ventura County Medical Center
Vista Del Mar Medical Group, Inc. (3 clinics)
West Ventura Medical Clinic

Care summaries from the following 35 participants

Bay Area Community Health (17 clinics)
Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (3 clinics)
Elica Health Centers (12 clinics)
Vista Del Mar Medical Group, Inc. (3 clinics)

Lab data from the following 9 participants

Central Neighborhood Health Foundation (4 clinics)
Chinatown Service Center
Chinatown Service Center-Alhambra
Chinatown Service Center-Cesar Chavez
Chinatown Service Center-San Gabriel
Dr. Alwin W. Bagingito, Inc.

Radiology reports from the following 3 participants

Chulhwe Koo M.D.
New Age Gastroenterology
Sylvia A. Gisi, M.D., Inc.

 Get to Know MX's First Chief Growth Officer

MX is so excited to be welcoming Adam Harrison as Manifest MedEx’s first Chief Growth Officer. An athenahealth alum, he brings more than 18 years of experience in leading high-performing sales teams. Adam’s role includes adding new California provider and health plan participants to receive clinical and claims data across MX’s network of more than 120 hospitals, 700 ambulatory care sites, and seven health plans.

MX sat down with Adam to learn more about his experience in the health information exchange (HIE) space and how he sees the ever-evolving relationship between health data sharing and hospitals, providers, and health plans.


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