MX Health Equity and Social Drivers of Health (SDOH) Report

Improving health equity requires quicker insights and better data to understand population health, reduce health disparities, close care gaps, and improve access to proper care.

Manifest MedEx is excited to offer a new report, our Health Equity and SDOH Report, that provides health care organizations with the demographic and SDOH data they need to better understand their patient and member populations; identify and reduce health disparities; and prioritize populations and communities that are historically underserved to advance heath equity.

This report provides accurate individual-level data on race, ethnicity, and language, as well as SDOH data, such as Z-Codes and Public Health Alliance of Southern California’s Healthy Place Index, which incorporates economics, education, healthcare access, housing, neighborhood conditions, pollution/clean environment, social, transportation and racial residential integration domains. This timely data gives participants actionable insights into the needs of those they serve, including social risk factors and changes in communities’ needs.

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