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February 2021 Edition


 MX Welcomes First Chief Growth Officer

Manifest MedEx is pleased to announce that Adam Harrison has joined as MX’s first Chief Growth Officer. Adam has more than 18 years of experience leading high-performing sales teams at the intersection of healthcare and technology. He will be focused on leading expansion of provider and health plan participants, ensuring MX solutions deliver maximum value to support each organization.

Prior to joining MX, he served as Senior Vice President of sales for a digital member engagement company. In that role he built and led a sales team that more than doubled the number of patient members on the platform, increased revenue by over 40 percent in two years, and expanded sales into new markets, including Medicaid, federal employees, and healthcare exchanges.

Welcome, Adam!


MX Data is Now NCQA Validated for Use in HEDIS® Reporting

Manifest MedEx is pleased to announce it has successfully completed NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) program and earned the NCQA status of Validated with Exception, joining only three other data aggregators in the country with this credential. This means that MX data from approved sources can be used as standard supplemental data for HEDIS, enabling more efficient quality reporting for health plans and providers within the MX network.

Using validated data from MX reduces the time health plans and providers need to spend assembling patient charts and confirming data for HEDIS reporting, so they can devote more time and energy to what matters most – supporting and caring for patients. Providers can share and validate data just once with MX, rather than completing this time-consuming process with multiple health plans every year.

MX chose to participate in the voluntary program to provide better value for MX participants, recognizing the need to reduce the burden of HEDIS reporting and provide higher quality data. The rigorous NCQA validation process improves the quality of MX data, benefiting all MX participants and their patients and members.

Earning this credential is a step towards MX’s larger vision of streamlining data sharing across health plans, providers, hospitals, and public agencies, so they can improve health and healthcare for patients and communities throughout California. Read more here.

To learn more about how you can use MX’s standard supplemental data for HEDIS reporting please contact Erica Galvez, Chief Strategy Officer, Manifest MedEx at

Statewide HIE Network Success Stories 

The first of a three-part series on health information exchange (HIE) and public health, hosted by Connecting for Better Health.

Please join us for an interactive discussion with community and state leaders about how collaborations between health information exchange networks (HIEs) have strengthened public health data sharing, including during the COVID-19 pandemic response. The session will be moderated by Carladenise Edwards, CSO, Henry Ford Health System, and will feature panelists:

  • David Horrocks, CEO, CRISP, Maryland
  • Melissa Kotrys, CEO, Health Current, Arizona
  • Claudia Williams, CEO, Manifest MedEx, California

This session will:

  • Discuss successful HIE/public health case studies from multiple states.
  • Share how HIEs and public health agencies are collaborating during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Discuss key next steps for CA policymakers and stakeholders to realize the value of HIE for public health.

EMS Partner Spotlight: Riverside EMS Agency (REMSA)

MX has forged strong partnerships with local EMS agencies through +EMS SAFR, which is a 90/10 grant funded by Cal EMSA in partnership with CMS and CDPH. At the end of 2020, REMSA was committed to rolling out and driving adoption of new SAFR technology with medics serving the Riverside County community. In particular, REMSA EMS Specialist Nicholas Ritchey found ways to work with medics and emergency departments despite the pandemic surge. This achievement highlights REMSA’s incredibly strong relationship with emergency providers and intimate understanding of technology to improve emergency care. MX is proud to support REMSA and all +EMS partners through the SAFR program.

Photo: REMSA EMS Specialist, Nicholas Ritchey, using ImageTrend® 
“This emerging technology, as it continues to be refined, can assist our Riverside County paramedics in thorough patient assessments and appropriate interventions in critical patient care. [It] will begin the needed automated processes of transferring medical information from the Paramedic to the receiving hospital in near real time. REMSA is here to support our EMS providers in their efforts in delivering exceptional care to our Riverside County residents.”

– Nick Ritchey, REMSA EMS Specialist

“The +EMS project has a great foundation to improve how prehospital providers obtain patient information. Over time with feedback from the end users, I see this becoming a standard through all EMS agencies.

– Scott Philippbar, Riverside County Fire Dept. Fire Captain

MX Jointly Founds New 501c3

We are thrilled to announce that MX is a founding member of (CSRI), a new 501c3 comprised of six of the nation’s largest and most robust nonprofit healthcare data organizations. Collectively, the founding organizations connect over 80 million records for patients across several states and provide a wide range of services to healthcare organizations. Our membership in this organization will help us establish effective partnerships with other like minded HIEs across the country and advance critical policy priorities at the federal level to advance data exchange in California and across the nation. For more information on CSRI, visit


Network Growth


New data sources available on MX today:

ADTs from the following 76 participants

Bay Area Community Health (6 clinics)
Desert AIDS Project
Encinitas WIC Office
Eric Hansen
Escondido WIC Office
North County Health Project Inc
North County Health Services (NCHS)
NCHS San Marcos Health Center
NCHS Oceanside Specialty Health Center
NCHS Mission Mesa Women's Health Satellite
NCHS Perris Health Center
NCHS Ramona Health Center
NCHS Mission Mesa Women's Health Center

NCHS Mission Mesa Pediatrics
NCHS Oceanside Dental
NCHS Oceanside (Loma Alta) Health Center
NCHS La Mision Family Health Center
NCHS Encinitas Health Center
NCHS Pediatrics at California Pediatrics
NCHS Carlsbad Family Medicine
Oceanside WIC Office
Ramona WIC Office
San Marcos WIC Office
Valley Center WIC Office
Valley Diabetes & Obesity

Lab data from the following 12 participants

Elica Health Centers at: 

Cadillac Dr.
Franklin Blvd.
Halyard Dr.
J St.
Mack Rd.
Marysville Blvd.

North Highlands
Revere St.
V St.
Watt Avenue.
West Sac. 15th St.
Wright St.

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