MX Customer Success Manager, Bill Devane, Speaks to Medical Residents at Desert Regional Medical Center

About once a month, medical residents at Tenet Health’s Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, California, take a break from their work with patients and attend a day-long session to receive education on different hospital programs and ways to access medical resources.

Bill Devane, Manifest MedEx’s Customer Success Manager, was invited by Christine Langenwalter, Chief Quality Officer at Desert Regional, and Michael King, Chief Financial Officer, to speak to 120 residents at this winter’s session. Bill delivered a talk about MX as California’s largest nonprofit health data network. He elaborated on the importance of health information exchange and went through a training of MX Access, allowing residents a real-time look at the tool. We sat down with Bill to get his take on the event:

During the presentation, you could tell it had been a long day for the residents. As I concluded my training, I was pleasantly surprised as a handful of residents stayed after to have one-on-one conversations about access to the HIE.

These residents have been in school for so long and are now being exposed to many new clinical concepts and technologies. Before my presentation, a good percentage of the audience had never been exposed to a health information exchange. Their questions came from knowing a great deal about medicine but knowing very little about health data networks. I could really feel the excitement from the group when it was explained to them that almost all Inland Empire hospital data is connected through our data feeds, providing real-time data at their fingertips.

Prior to his talk, Bill added 130 medical center residents into the MX system and provided a full onboarding during his time onsite. The residents who are spread throughout the hospital in different units can now help busy attendings collect patient health data through MX’s network.

It wasn’t just the residents who were impressed. Bill reported that 15 minutes after leaving the medical center, the Graduate Medical Education Institutional Coordinator, Chris Cintron, called and asked to schedule another visit. “Chris provided me a list of another 20 users to provision and requested a follow-up session with their emergency department.”

“We’re getting great participation from both of our Tenet hospitals: Desert Regional Medical Center and JFK Memorial Hospital,” says Bill. “Both hospitals are using MX tools and thinking in the same direction regarding the benefits of Manifest MedEx data. I look forward to continuing expansion of MX services at Desert Regional and identifying new use cases for how we can help provide needed clinical insights to effectively improve patient care.

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