Meet Conditions of Participation with MX

Manifest MedEx is proud to help participating hospitals meet the new CMS ADT event notification regulations.

Effective May 2021, all acute care, psychiatric, and critical access hospitals are required to send event notifications to the patient’s care team when patients are admitted, discharged, or transferred to community providers. Hospitals that don’t comply risk losing their ability to receive payments from Medicare and Medicaid.

By simply participating in the MX network and establishing a compliant ADT feed, hospitals can meet the new CMS requirements. MX takes on the burden of routing ADT event notifications to the patient’s ambulatory and post-acute care team.

While the majority of the CMS requirement is solved by the combination of your hospital’s ADT feed and the MX Notify technology, it will be important for your hospital to have written policies and procedures and a standard approach to asking and documenting patient preferences for which providers they would like to have notified about their hospitalization.

Please visit our page on Conditions of Participation for resources to help your hospital understand and comply with the CMS Rule.