Manifest MedEx’s November Webinar – Achieving CA’s Public Health Goals with Collaborative Health Data Sharing

Save the date for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, November 9 from 12 pm – 1 pm PT.

California is currently facing a public health crisis around congenital syphilis (CS).  In 2020, California had the sixth highest rate of CS, with a case rate nearly double that of the national case rate.

Health Information Organizations (HIOs) are in a unique position to make data and tools available to local public health jurisdictions (LHJs) to public health communicable disease teams for timely prevention, intervention and treatment. California law requires health care providers to report cases of syphilis to LHJs within 1 working day.  LHJs participating with an HIO are able to receive real time alerts when individuals reported with CS are seen in an emergency department or admitted to a hospital, including for labor and delivery. CS is 100% preventable with timely intervention and treatment.

This model, successfully piloted by San Bernardino County and nonprofit HIO Manifest MedEx, allows public health to receive Admit, Transfer, Discharge (ADT) alerts for every pregnant patient with syphilis, many of whom are lost to follow up, and coordinate with the care team to ensure maternal or neonatal testing and treatment are provided.

In this webinar, learn how counties can leverage ADT notifications and longitudinal patient records provided by nonprofit HIOs to address CS and other potential use cases to support public health goals, as AB133 and the Data Sharing Framework go into effect, encouraging state and local public health agencies to exchange health information in real-time by 2024.

Join us for this timely and important discussion with our panel of experts:    

  • Mimi Hall, MPH, Vice President, Public Health Innovation, Manifest MedEx
  • Heather Readhead, MD, MPH, Public Health Medical Officer, California Department of Public Health
  • Sara Sowko, MPH, Public Health Epidemiologist, Contra Costa Health Services and California Association of Communicable Disease Controllers (CACDC)
  • Josh Dugas, Director, San Bernardino County Department of Public Health
  • Shadi Barfjani, MD, Senior Deputy Director, San Joaquin County Public Health Services

Register and share the link to the webinar here. We look forward to seeing you there!