Manifest MedEx Supports California’s Bold Move to Require Data Sharing Between Healthcare Entities by 2024

On July 27, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law health care trailer bill AB 133, which boldly aims to transform healthcare for Californians through various programs, including expanding Medi-Cal eligibility, investing in behavioral health initiatives, requiring providers and health plans to share data with each other by 2024, and creating a framework the exchange of data.

Manifest MedEx (MX) applauds the passage of AB 133 and thanks Governor Newsom, Assemblymember Jim Wood, and all who supported and voted to pass this legislation.

As California’s largest nonprofit health data network, sharing data for 27 million Californians across 120+ hospitals, 9 health plans, and more than 1200 providers, Manifest MedEx has been championing for the state’s support in building health data infrastructure for years.

“Our mission is to provide every healthcare organization in California with the information they need to improve care, enhance health, and lower costs,” said Claudia Williams, CEO, Manifest MedEx. “We know that if we can breakdown silos and share health information, we can make healthcare better for Californians. This marks an exciting step forward in building the health data infrastructure we need in our state.”

We look forward to collaborating with California’s hospitals and health plans to meet these new requirements and build the health information network Californians deserve. Stay tuned for updates on as we learn more!

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