Manifest MedEx Provides Data Analysis Tools to 400+ Healthcare Organizations in California

State’s nonprofit health data network launches population health management tools to deliver signal from real-time information for 19 million patients

November 7, 2019 – Manifest MedEx (MX), today announced the launch of MX Analyze, a best in class predictive analytics tool that provides actionable insights for health care organizations trying to manage population and care transition risks. MX delivers real-time information to help healthcare providers and is one of the only health information exchanges (HIEs) in the country to provide informatics tools that help hospitals, health plans, and providers quickly zero in on actionable insights from vast quantities of health data.

“Care teams and providers are often inundated with information to the point that it can become useless to them,” said Erica Galvez, Chief Strategy Officer for Manifest MedEx. “MX Analyze gives users the ability to identify and focus on their highest risk patients so they can deploy life-saving interventions where they will have the greatest impact. For example, we had one pilot user at a regional medical center identify their highest risk CHF patients, and then send a mobile clinic out into the community to meet them where they were. This is exactly the type of targeted and proactive care that vulnerable populations desperately need,” added Galvez.

Population health management tools can be cost-prohibitive for small practices, local health plans, and independent hospitals, and often do not come with a broad enough data set to truly understand and manage the complex factors impacting health across populations. The launch of MX Analyze helps level the playing field in California by making the same sophisticated analytics tools used by large health systems available for low to no cost to all hospitals, practices, and local health plans participating in MX. It also gives those organizations a breadth of population data unmatched by any other data network in California, including clinical and claims data alongside publicly available social determinants data ranging from housing and income to transportation data. MX Analyze represents another innovative step forward by Manifest MedEx—which already provides critical information such as hospital admission and discharge data, lab results, diagnoses, imaging reports, medications, allergies, and more to its participants.

“As Cal-AIM is finalized and rolled out, using clinical and claims data to identify, assess, and coordinate care for high-risk patients will become a core competency for Medi-Cal plans. MX is proud to offer an affordable, scalable option for all Medi-Cal plans across California,” said Galvez.

MX partners with HBI Solutions to deliver MX Analyze. HBI is a leader in analytics and predictive risk services for health networks across the country and has designed and customized the risk prediction models in MX Analyze specifically for its California population.


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