Partner News: Manifest MedEx Deploys NextGate’s EMPI for Positive Patient Identification and Coordinated Care Delivery

Participants in the California health data network now have a single, holistic view of over 11 million patients

PASADENA, Calif., Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — NextGate, the global leader in healthcare enterprise identification, announced today that Manifest MedEx (MX), California’s largest nonprofit health data network, has successfully implemented its Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) as a catalyst for fully-integrated, highly-coordinated care. The EMPI seamlessly connects data from 200+ participating health organizations to enable a trusted, unified health record that promotes operational efficiency, care quality and patient safety for over 11 million Californians.

Patient matching and interoperability are critical aspects of the health data services MX is delivering to support physicians, care managers, hospitals, and health plans. The MX network currently encompasses 11.7 million claims records and 5 million clinical patient records across the state. Migrating to a newly modernized health IT infrastructure that encompasses a modular, vendor-agnostic approach to patient identification was central to MX’s work of creating a health data utility that serves to improve patient care.

“We’re delivering the right information, to the right providers, at the right time,” said David Kates, CTO of Manifest MedEx. “Busy clinicians and care coordinators need high-quality data, tied to the correct patient in order to perform their hard work of transforming our healthcare system. NextGate has been a tremendous partner in helping to uniquely identify patient records and assist our network as it continues to grow quickly across the state.”

NextGate’s market-leading EMPI, which manages patient identities for more than two-thirds of the U.S. population, automates record matching and quickly links and de-duplicates data across highly-diverse IT environments. During initial record clean-up for MX, 21 million disparate and duplicated patient records were resolved into single enterprise unique identifiers (EUIDs).

Ensuring that each individual has one and only one record, MX is able to facilitate a sustainable network of accurate patient information across multiple electronic medical record and health information systems for streamlined collaboration and trusted data exchange. The EMPI also impacts MX’s ability to map a patient’s entire care history to enable population-based analytics and quality reporting for members participating in value-based care initiatives.

“Implementing an EMPI is the foundation for success in the new era of community-based healthcare and increased accountability,” said Andy Aroditis, CEO of NextGate. “A fully-integrated, highly interoperable healthcare environment that consistently connects the right data to the right individual is a critical requirement for informed decision-making, better outcomes and a greater patient-provider experience. We are honored to support Manifest MedEx members with a trusted, connected view of each patient during every encounter of care for significant clinical, financial and operational improvements.”

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