hospital ADT notification

Industry Voices—Farzad Mostashari, Claudia Williams Make the Case for Requiring Hospital ADT Alerts

Anybody who has had a loved one with an acute hospitalization or a chronic illness will have experienced some of the many ways in which healthcare systems fail to live up to the values and ideals of the people who have chosen healthcare as a calling.

Healthcare is complicated indeed, but there are rare instances where the problem and solution are shockingly clear.

When a patient—let’s call her “Mom”—is discharged home from the hospital, she, like many other patients, is in danger. Mom is weakened by her illness and immobility. She is taking several new medications begun just days or even hours before discharge. The illness that led her to be hospitalized may linger or recrudesce, or she may have acquired a new infection or complication during her stay. Her family doctor no longer rounds in the hospital, and the “hospitalist” physicians rotating through never really got to know her during her pressured short stay at the hospital.

Read full article by Claudia Williams, CEO, Manifest MedEx and Dr. Farzad Mostashari, CEO, Aledade, published in Fierce Healthcare.