Health Information Exchanges Help Providers Get Beyond Fear and Share Data

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven the dire need for the health-care industry to share health-care data in a secure, private way. Health information exchanges help providers move past their data sharing fears and toward interoperability, says Deven McGraw, co-founder of Ciitizen and a former HHS health information privacy official.

This global pandemic is one more tragically loud siren in a series of alarms about the need for health data sharing in the U.S. We can’t act soon enough.

We are far less prepared than we should be for the volume of data sharing needed to address Covid-19 and other serious health issues, but hope is around the corner.

Deep shifts are occurring in the policy landscape, in the technology climate, and, most importantly, in the culture of our sector that signal change ahead. Health information exchanges (HIEs) play a key and important role in the safe, secure transfer of health-care data.

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