How to turn raw health data into real transformation for Medi-Cal

The big summer health care budget news was the passage of Assembly Bill 133, which expands Medi-Cal eligibility, improves behavioral health access and requires providers, hospitals and health plans to share complete health records by 2024. The bill underscores the importance of transparency and data.

Embedded in this legislation is a new $315 million population health management service for Medi-Cal. Population health management is about proactively helping people stay well – the work of making sure people with diabetes get the right screenings or those who are pregnant are supported in their prenatal care.

This new platform will help health plans, providers and the Medi-Cal program identify people who need health services based on analysis of clinical, claims and other data. With one-third of California residents – 14 million people – now enrolled in Medi-Cal, this will be one of the largest and boldest data initiatives our state has ever launched.

Read the article by Claudia Williams, CEO, Manifest MedEx, published in CalMatters.