Harnessing ADT Data: Transforming Patient Care and Addressing Social Needs

Manifest MedEx leads the charge in California by utilizing basic health information for improved healthcare equity and outcomes.

Basic health information can provide important insight into meeting patients’ social needs, and that can support providers in meeting patients’ needs and keeping them healthier.

In fact, some of the simplest data – like notifications associated with admissions, discharges and transfers (ADT) – can provide important clues about challenges that patients may face in their homes, either on an ongoing basis or post-discharge.

ADT information typically has provided a trigger to healthcare organizations to make certain that patients can receive follow-up care at home after discharge – when factors such as lack of family support or access to medication or nutrition could jeopardize recovery. Admission and transfer data also is crucial in ensuring that everyone involved in a patient’s care knows the latest status or care venue.

ADT can trigger appropriate review from healthcare organizations, when something as simple as a follow-up phone call can help streamline care coordination or meet social needs, and that can reduce costly readmissions.

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